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> July Part 5Pay Articles from July 1941 Part 5Second Group Sent to CampPRESIDENT GOES ON CRUISE; Small Party Accompanies Him on Potomac in Chesapeake BayFOR WOMEN IN ARMS JOBS; Connecticut Opens Courses to Them to Meet Labor NeedsWidower 80, Woman 37, WedVisiting Bishops at St. John’sILLINOIS BANS BARMAIDS; New Law Lets Cities Outlaw Them — Waitresses ExemptFOR DRINKS FOR SOLDIERS; Westchester Legion Opposes Ban on Liquor at Army CampsArticle 7 — No Title; N.M.U. VOTES DOWN RED INQUIRY MOVELIQUOR CURB URGED FOR U.S. CAMP AREAS; Christian Endeavorers Ask Local-Option Campaign to Press for …PRODUCING FIGHTING PLANES UNDER THE GLARE OF FLOODLIGHTSLehman Deplores ‘Passive’ Defense; Hits ‘Can’t-Happen-Here’ Attitude; But Governor Hails Expansion of …Winner of Scholarship In Girl Scout ContestEXPERTS CHIDED ON OWN NUTRITION; Prof. Rose Tells Delegates at Ithaca That ‘More Voluntary Controls’ …GIVES PREFERENCE TO REPAIR SUPPLIES; Price Agency Rules Materials Needed for Maintenance Should Come FirstMarriage Fee Low, 10 CentsPhotographer Becomes Subject47 CITIES WILL SEND MEN TO BOMB SCHOOL; New York Will Have Three at Second Defense CourseDEALERS DISPUTE TALK OF FOOD LACK; Chicago Leaders in Industry Discount Nelson’s Warning of a Possible …A Hamburger for Aluminum$1,350 ON THUGS’ 3D VISIT; Grocery Official Is Struck and Robbed by Familiar PairWisconsin Congress Poll DateNEW TACTICS BOOK ISSUED BY THE ARMY; Bases Shift in Practices on Analysis of Operations in Campaigns …C.I.O. ENDS ARMOUR TALKS; Workers Unit Asks Miss Perkins to Send Dispute to MediationSoldiers Like Poetry, Reject Books on WarFORT DIX TO TRAIN AERIAL OBSERVERS; Ten-Week Course Will Start Tomorrow for 20 Artillery ‘Ground Officers’ …Five Die in Crossing CollisionARMY BROKE RECORD WITH JUNE CONTRACTS; Obligated $4,986,300,310 Total in National Defense FundsOPPOSES REPAVING PLAN; Washington Sq. Group Fights Waverly Place ProjectArmy Finds Jones Beach Is No Recruiting StationHOME ALUMINUM WILL BUY PLANES; La Guardia Discloses Decision to Use Proceeds From Scrap for Army-Navy AviationArmy Is Testing a $5 Artillery Gunsight That Can Do More Than $638 Model in UseTells of Americans in IcelandArticle 6 — No TitleNEWPORT HOUSE GIVEN TO SERVICE Y.M.C.A.; Mrs. E.S. Cushman Offers 21- Room HearteaseMay Backs LegislationIceland Regent Sends Message51,710 WARDENS SIGNED; 1,563 Men and Women Volunteer Here During the Day7 STATE UNITS EXCEED THEIR QUOTAS FOR USO; District of Columbia Also Tops Mark — New Needs StressedPrayer Meetings ContinuedVolunteers Fill Board’s QuotaEXPLAINS U.S. ARMS LAG; Ronald Tree Stresses to Britons We and They Started SlowlySHIP BAGS NAZI BOMBER; Iceland Dispatch Tells of British Trawler Shooting FoeGETS LICENSE IN ADVANCE; Oil Man to Wed Gov. O’Daniel’s Daughter After Tour in NavySay Discipline Was NeededYOO-HOO BATTALION CHALLENGED TO HIKE; Californians Ask for a 15-Mile March, Avowing They Are Not ‘Panty-Waists’ …BEAT HITLER’ RALLY HERE ON THURSDAY; A.F.L. and C.I.O. Leaders to Join in Demonstration as Part of Aid …NAVY COMMISSIONS BASE BUILT IN YEAR; 850-Acre Quonset Point Air Station Cost $30,000,000, Will Be Run by 5,000Only a Canine’s « Yoo-hoo »HIT COFFEE EXPORT CUTS; American Exporters in Brazil Seek More Equitable FootingTO PUT CAPTIVES TO WORK; Australia Lists Reforestation and Irrigation ProjectsBOARD TAKES OVER 16 DANISH VESSELS; Maritime Body Adds 95,000 Tons of Shipping at Order of Secretary …CAPT. H.H. BALFOUR HERE; British Undersecretary for Air Flies From MontrealVICHY PURGES ROLLS OF LEGION OF HONOR; Three Rothschilds and Pertinax, Now in U.S., Are RemovedKennedy Jr. a Naval Air CadetTokyo Suffers From Heavy RainChile Acquires Five Danish ShipsSHIPPING ATTACKS LINKED TO ‘PIRACY’; Pirate’s Fate at Navy’s Hands Predicted for Any Nazi Craft Preying …Hong Kong Gives Mine SweepersBorchers, Wiedemann Lose Safe Conduct; Only Consuls on the West Point to Get ItSHOOTING’ BY NAVY TO CLEAR SEAS URGED; Committee Declares Majority of People Favor StepJapanese Consul Denies Tokyo Is Berlin VassalTraffic Experts Flying to ChinaArticle 5 — No TitleENVOY DENIES U.S. IS SEEKING AZORES; Portuguese Ambassador Here Says He Has Assurances We Will Not Occupy …GERMANS SENTENCE DANES; Penalties Dealt for Insulting and Molesting TroopsGERMAN BISHOPS HAILED AS HEROES; Prelates Who Censured Nazis for Attack on Religion Praised by RabbiHong Kong Navy Men CalledJAPAN PUSHING TRADE WITH SOUTH AMERICA; Shippers Believe Nation Seeks Large Stock of SuppliesCalls for Religion in SovietNEW ZEALAND SYSTEM BEATS SHIP SHORTAGE; Unrefrigerated Cargoes Permit Use of Plain FreightersFrench Area ThreatenedBolts Kill 3 Louisville CaddiesItaly Warns of SinkingsAFFRONT TO JAPAN IN INDO-CHINA SEEN; Tokyo Newspapers Hold There Are Grounds for Action to Protect Interests …Lightning Kills Woman SingingVICHY RUMORS DISPROVED; Cabinet Meeting Fails to Produce Great Decisions HintedForced War Entry SeenGoebbels Assails RooseveltAMERICAN WORKERS LIKE IRISH MISSION; One, ‘Still Neutral,’ Refers to the Men as ‘Pioneers in America’s Fight’French-Japanese ClashChile Feels SlightedColombia Hopes for SettlementREICH SPECULATES ON NEXT U.S. MOVE; Iceland Occupation Viewed as Confirming Aggressive Intentions in …Russian Army Lists Additional ExploitsParaguay Backs Uruguay’s PlanNew U.S. Envoy in Uruguay MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, July 12 WP)-William Dawson of Minne- sota presented his …BRAZILIANS’ UNITY A DEFENSE NEED; World Events Seen Impelling Sao Paulo’s Reconciliation With Vargas RegimeFRENCH UNEMPLOYED SHOW 13,594 DECLINE; Some Industries, However, Work Only Part TimeArticle 4 — No TitleROME GRIPS U.S. ASSETS; Americans’ Holdings Are Taken Under Closer ControlFresh Clashes ReportedPessimism in Buenos AiresHint Foreign Agents to BlameHULL OUT 2 MORE WEEKS; Doctors Tell Him He Can Take Up Duties With Added RestLATIN BORDER TALKS ON IN WASHINGTON; Envoys From Ecuador and Peru Confer With Welles and Other Mediators …Nicaragua Accepts U.S. OfferEcuador Accepts MediationNazis Order Blackout in ParisManufacture Dud Shells, Russians Urge GermansReport Peru Will AcceptNAZIS CLAIM TOLL OF R.A.F.; Sinking of British Submarine Off Plymouth Also Credited in BerlinVichy Lets Dentz DealHostilities SuspendedSOCIAL PROBLEMS IRK VICHY REGIME; Now a Full Year Old, Petain’s Government Has Assumed Authoritarian …Algiers Executes Two as SpiesSoviet Air Raids ListedYugoslavs Echo British ViewEUROPE MUST RAISE ITS FOOD, SAYS NAZI; Cut in World Trade After War Forecast by Reich Official at Paris …Two Withdrawals SeenTripoli Reported BombedBUNDLES FOR BRITAIN GOT $505,779 IN JUNE; 1941 Gifts Total $3,142,555 — New Child Colonies OpenedVICHY TRANSFERS BRITONS; All Must Leave Mediterranean Coast by TuesdayRUSSIAN PRAYERS TODAY; Orthodox Churches in U.S. to Conduct Special ServicesNew Zealand Curbs Food Prices; Wireless to THE NEW YORK TIMES.BRITAIN REGISTERS GAINS IN ATLANTIC; Admiralty Chief Extols Navy and R.A.F. Successes Against U-Boats …Sweden Sending FoodFour Alarms in HelsinkiSOVIET REPORTED QUITTING TALLINN; Russians in Estonian City Are Said to Be Virtually Cut Off From Rest …Report Sinking of TransportsBritish Mobilize Children To Fight Bomb-Fired Grain4 Nazi Fliers Escape CrashMontenegro Proclaimed Independent, Says RomeAXIS DOES DAMAGE IN SUEZ CANAL RAID; Cairo Also Lists 6 Killed and 14 Wounded — Netherland Submarine …Naples’ Death Toll Now 47Italy Claims Malta VictoryBombs Kill 8, Wound 19 in la Linea, Spain; Italians Seeking Gibraltar Held to BlameVichy Curbs Red Wine SaleNazis Renew Tobruk AssaultBOMBERS TO WIN WAR, SAYS BRITISH OFFICIAL; New Factors Seen as Placing Nazis at DisadvantageShelving of Antonescu DeniedHungarians Claim GainsFrench Wounded Reach TunisiaFifty Miles From SmolenskSouth Africa to Buy Arms HereDutch Submarine Sinks TankerARMORED FRENCH UNIT MAY FIGHT RUSSIANS; Groups in Paris Are Arranging for Division to Aid NazisLeningrad Raid ReportedSibelius Appeals to U.S. To Understand Finn CaseNAZI HELP AT DAKAR IS DENIED BY FRENCH; Vichy Spokesman Says Defenses of Port Are Being IncreasedArticle 3 — No TitleItalianArticle 1 — No TitleGermanFrenchArticle 2 — No TitleHungarianACCEPTS 12 AMBULANCES; Australian Air Minister Praises Work of the Red CrossRussian514,671 French Reported FreedBritishFront Page 1 — No TitleVICTORY FOR RUSSIA FAVORED IN SURVEY; 72% of Those Sounded Out in Gallup Analysis Hope Nazis Will Be RepulsedR.A.F. RAIDS MOUNT IN BOMBING VOLUME; Nazis’ Biggest Blows on Britain Declared Exceeded — Attacks Hit …NAZIS DRIVE AHEAD; High Command Declares Troops Made Big Gain on Moscow Road FALL OF VITEBSK CLAIMED …U.S. TO SUPPLY AUSTRALIA; Lease-Lend Aid May Include Tanks, Casey Tells RegimeSYRIAN ARMISTICE REPORTED INITIALED; Agreement Made in Parley at Acre by British-Free French and Vichy …FIGHTING IS SEVERE; Soviet Says Army Holds at Novograd Volynsk, Vitebsk and PskovWinant Promises British Peace of ‘Social Justice’Varied Reports in Turkey; REICH AND TURKEY IN SURPRISE TALKREICH AND TURKEY IN SURPRISE TALK; Diplomats Confer After Soviet Charges Nazis Prepare for Attack on StraitsCOMPROMISE URGED; Rayburn, McCormack, Reynolds Against Bills to Keep SelecteesSports ResultsSILVER BUYING LAW HANDICAPS DEFENSE, SAY OPM EXPERTS; Economists Attack Policy of Subsidizing an Industry …A.F.L. STRIKE TIES UP 3 OF DEFENSE PLANTS; Sealed Power Walkout Affects Army, Air and Signal Corps and …TWO CLEARED OF PERJURY; Indictment Against Harvey Aides Is Dismissed4,000 SEEK JOBS ABROAD; Tests for British Technicians Continue HereMEDALS FOR 2 SOLDIERS; One Is Awarded Posthumously to Private Who Aided SuperiorG.E. Sets Up Education FundPROTEST 50% AUTO CURB; Gov. Van Wagoner Says Michigan Would Suffer Tax LossTWO SUSPENDED BY MAYOR; Civil Service Examiner and a Social Investigator DroppedSHERIFF REPORTS LULL IN GYPSUM VIOLENCE; Wires Lehman Oakfield Is Quiet — Company Seeks InjunctionSHIP UNION URGES DEMOCRATIC ARMY; Cleveland Convention Calls on Congress to Raise Pay of Soldiers and SailorsBLUMENTHAL’S ART TO GO TO MUSEUM; Metropolitan Also Will Get Philanthropist’s Mansion Under Terms of …SETTLE FIBRE STRIKE, AFFECTING CHRYSLER; Conciliators Bring Agreement Returning 400,000 WorkersSTORM KEEPS GLIDERS GROUNDED AT ELMIRA; Lack of Thermal Currents Checks Efforts in Soaring ContestP.J. Salmon Chosen Head Of Workers for BlindHIGHWAY INQUIRY OPENED IN JERSEY; First Public Hearing Marked by Row Over Destruction of a Piece of PaperELECTRICAL WORKERS TO FIX STRIKE DATE; Meeting on Monday Will Set the Time for City-Wide WalkoutBronx Legion Convention OnUNION OFFICER IS SEIZED; Building Service Man in Bronx Accused of ExtortionU.M.W. TO INCREASE $3,000,000 CHEST; Special Assessment of $1 Is Levied Against 600,000 Mine Workers …Cafeteria Pact RatifiedNew Yorker Found DrownedA LANDMARK HAS ITS FACE LIFTEDMAN WHO FLED PRISON WINS JERSEY MERCY; Edison Cites Exemplary Life of Escaped Missouri ConvictURGE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL; House Committeemen Report on Ways to Avoid CrashesArmy Opens School for ClerksSOLOMON, MULLENS FREED; Released in $15,000 Bail Each as Court Finds Reasonable DoubtPicket Hurls Self Before TrainFred J. Fisher in HospitalEDISON AND HAGUE SPLIT ON RAIL TAX; Governor Backs Jersey Bills That Democratic Leads Vigorously OpposesLatin Americans to Visit TVAVast Outlay for Bigger Defense Facilities Will Change Pattern of Industrial CitiesGRACE FREIGHTER SENT DOWN WAYS; Thousands of Workers Watch Launching at KearnyNational Guard OrdersNAVY MINE LAYER IS LAUNCHED HERE; YF 286, Self-Propelled Craft of 250 Tons, Slides Into Gowanus SidewiseAUSTRALIAN TAX YIELD UP; Revenue Is u65,074,000 Toward War Costs of u169,857,000WOOL MARKET DULLArmy Orders and AssignmentsSales by Robert Reis & Co.LOCALLY DRESSED MEATSFINANCIAL NOTESArticle 13 — No TitleLIVESTOCK IN CHICAGOCOTTON MARKET MARKS TIME HERE; Futures Trading ‘Deadlocked’ as Price-Fixing Showdown in Washington Is AwaitedNAVAL STORESCROP REPORT FAILS TO DEPRESS WHEAT; Close Is Unchanged to 1/4 Cent a Bushel Up Despite Forecast of Peak …Split-Up of Stock ProposedGEN. WOOL RESIGNS POST WITH N.A.M.; He Quits as Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee but Stays …Offerings and Yields Of Municipal BondsElected by Ward BakingSALES OF PAINT UP 60%; Pittsburgh Plate Glass Reports on First Half YearMUNICIPAL FINANCING HEAVIER NEXT WEEK; Will Amount to $42,840,155, Including Housing LoansSAVINGS BONDS DOUBLED; May Sales Reach $114,895,000, Against $55,243,000 in 1940STOCK EXCHANGE NOTESSEC GIVES PROPOSALS TO SIMPLIFY UTILITY; Reorganization Plottedf or Derby Gas and ElectricBOSTON TO OFFER $5,680,000 BONDS; Funding and Relief Issue to Be Marketed on Wednesday — Maturities to 1951Scott Paper’s Sales RiseREADING COAL & IRON SUBJECT OF NEW PLAN; Court Gets Reorganization Proposal From 3 of 4 CommitteesPromoted by RailroadSTATE BANKING CHANGES; Central Hanover Would Move Branch in MidtownOffering After MarketRAILS SEEN PACING INDUSTRIAL EFFORT; Head of Car Service Division of Association Says Roads Will Keep in FrontNEWS OF MARKETS IN FOREIGN CITIES; Activity in London Reduced — Brokers Report Readjustment of Values …TOPICS IN WALL STREETWEEK’S NEW LOANS OFF TO $12,195,000; Compares With $19,199,000 in the Previous Period and $116,481,500 …ASKS DEBENTURE TENDERS; Reynolds Realization to Pay 80% of Asset Value for 5s of 1946Prices Rise in BerlinLackawanna Orders CarsRAIL MEN DISCUSS EQUIPMENT NEEDS; A.C. Mann of Illinois Central Would Use More Machinery for Handling …Pipe Lines Set Delivery RecordAUGMENTED DATA ON TAXES SOUGHT; Exchange Requests Companies to Give More Information in Their ReportsCORPORATE GROUP EARNS $1,143,388; Underwood, Elliott Fisher and Subsidiaries Lift June Quarter Net From …Bank Executive to Begin His 71st Year of ServiceSTOCKS IRREGULAR, TEND TO FIRMNESS; Laggard Issues Brought Into Line With Others — Smaller Turnover …Bellows & Co. to Vote on Merger With National Distillers July 29; Latter Would Give 48,354 Shares …TEXTILE MEN SEEK OPACS COMMITTEE; Henderson’s Objections to Group Policy Seen Overcome by Need to ‘Save Face’NATIONAL POWER AND LIGHT; Net Income of $8,812,072 for Twelve Months ShownINCOME INCREASED BY WESTERN UNION; $3,044,721 Net in Five Months Compares With $935,701 the Year BeforeCHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE; $2,379,660 Net Profit for Year Equal to $3.37 a ShareBIG CHICAGO BANK TO INCREASE SURPLUS; Continental Illinois National to Add $5,000,000Reserve Bank Advises Against Pleas For ‘Frozen’ Funds Without Full DataLord & Taylor AppointmentsWILL BUY ROLLING STOCK; The Grand Trunk and Northern Pacific to Sell CertificatesStudebaker Sales Up 31%BUSINESS NOTESGain in Life InsuranceGLASS FOR WESTINGHOUSE; Electric Company to Have $1,800,000 Factory in West VirginiaFACTORY PAYROLLS SET RECORD IN JUNE; State Labor Department’s Index at 134.9, With Weekly Average at $33.75C.W. Kellogg on Utility’s BoardCar Output ReboundsAdopts Wood Pole StandardsWARD LIFTS PRICES ON 70% OF ITS ITEMS; Puts ‘Hedge Clause’ in Fall Catalogue, Permitting Substitutions …TRADE COMMISSION CASES; Weight Reducer and Cigarette Holder Claims BannedPITTSBURGH INDEX HOLDS; Operating Schedules Mixed in Leading IndustriesNEWSPRINT OUTPUT DROPS; June Total for North America Down 10% From 1940 LevelARMY’S CONTRACTS IN DAY $23,674,027.37; Awards to Many Companies in This Area Are ListedCHICAGO SALES SPURT; June Wholesale Trade Showed Unusually Sharp GainsDaily Cotton-Mill Rate Off Less Than Trend; Cloth Trade Is Quiet; Business Index DipsEZEKIEL SUGGESTS FORGED PRICE CUTS; Step Would Spur Post-War Output and Consumption, He Tells StudentsBusiness WorldJean Mackenzie Margrave of Rochester Is Betrothed to Lieut. Sherman FarnhamURGES RETENTION OF DRESS QUALITY; I.A. Agree Tells Trade to Hold Prices If Possible, But Not at Expense …Social Activities in New York and ElsewhereWHOLESALE TRADE HIT RECORD IN WEEK; Stores Place Heavy Orders to Assure Deliveries, Dun’s ReportsMiss Katherine Deere Wiman Is Married To Daw son C. Glover in Greenwich ChurchMARY E. WILFLEY BECOMES A BRIDE; Daughter of Late United States Senator From Missouri Wed i in Chapel …SpotswooduCannonINDUSTRIAL BUYING STARTS TO TAPER OFF; New England Survey Reports Fewer Extended OrdersAdvertising News and NotesMRS. EPPES MOORE WED; Daughter of Ex-Senator Hawes Bride of Wm. Fahnestock Jr.PLAY FOR CHILDREN’S AID; Performance of ‘Meet the Wife’ Tuesday for Westport GroupGEN. WAVELL DANCE HELD; Greenwich Honors Officers of the American Field Service3 BOY SCOUTS WIN HEROISM AWARDS; Two Medals and a Certificate Will Be Presented by Court of HonorNANDINE SZECHENYI MAKES HER DEBUT; Dinner Given for Her by Mrs. Vanderbilt at BeanlieuHOVINGS ARE HOSTS AT SOUTHAMPTON; Dinner Given at Their Home, Port of Missing Men, for House Party MembersMiss Roxanne Weight Is WedOcean TravelersGREENWICH PUTS CURB ON SALE OF ESTATES; Change in Zoning Law Also Restricts Leases on PropertyMISS HELEN /. HALL ENGAGED TO MARRY; Kent Place School Alumna Will Be Bride of Henry M. HoytMiss Rita Abrons Married jMARY TOLFREE PAIGE ENGAGED TO BE WED; Heliport Girl Fiancee of Ensign Wm.McGmrkJr.,U.S.N.R.WattersuDavisonMISS MARION ELLIOTT A PROSPECTIVE BRIDE; Bennett Alumna Is Betrothed to Lieat. John Linderman, U.S.A.Barbara J. Fish to Be BrideMRS. ROOSEVELT IN CANADA; Takes Part in Youth Institute Conference at CampobelloNANCY NUSSBAUM FIANCEE; Vassar Graduate Will Be Bride of Russell Jacobus ScottGERMAN MUSIC HEARD AT STADIUM CONCERT; Schumann, Wagner and Brahms Played — Smallens DirectsWITTNEBEL NET $2,349,061; Tax Appraisal on Estate of Dye Maker Is Filed HereNUPTIALS ARE HELD FOR MISS M1ANU5; Lady Chapel of St. Patrick’s Scene of Marriage to Lieut. Hugh Mullan, …SCREEN NEWS HERE AND IN HOLLYWOOD; Cary Grant and Jean Arthur Will Be Co-Starred in ‘Mr. Twilight’ at …PHILADELPHIA LOSES SUIT; Umpire Rules City Not Entitled to $1,250,000 Girard FundMUSIC NOTESMEMORIAL SERVICE FOR SAM H. HARRIS; 200 Friends of the Theatrical Producer Hear EulogiesEichelberger to Keep His PostREVIVAL OF ‘RADHA’ BY RUTH ST. DENIS; At 62 America’s First Lady of the Dance Wins Ovation in Berkshire …’ Man Who Came to Dinner’ Says Farewell Tonight — Ingrid Bergman Slated for Maplewood Sept. 1Of Local OriginGOELET WILL GIVES ‘RITZ’ TO HARVARD; Hotel and Its Site, Taxed on $3,675,000, Go to the University Unrestricted …11 DEAD IN MINE BLAST; Volunteers Bring Out 9 Bodies at Acmar, Ala.BABY RIDES WITH A BOMB; Mother Wheels Child and Flare, Tossed Into Park, to PoliceTESTS FOR PRINCIPALS; Junior High Executives to Be Picked on Competitive BasisMrs. Ickes Gets $11,149 LegacyVIGILANTES FORM TO FIGHT U.S. FOES; Montclair ‘Intelligence’ Unit Busy Ferreting Out Any Subversive ActivityNEW MARBLES CHAMPION; Gerald Robinson, 14, of Scranton Wins National HonorsJAILED FOR AIDING MAN TO EVADE DRAFT; Brooklyn Draft Board Member Gets Three-Year TermBUY PADEREWSKI EFFECTS; Sister and Aide Purchase His Furniture for DisplayFrench Ban Women’s Shorts3 IN MAXWELL CASE QUICKLY CONVICTED; Actual Killer Will Go to Chair, but Verdict Means Life Term for OthersDUDLEY B. RICH FOUND; Stepson of G.E. Roosevelt to Be Returned to Coast Guard UnitIrate Blue Jay Attacks Crowd To Protect Her Grounded Young; Seven Adults and a Child Pecked and Scratched …ANOTHER TEACHER PUT ON TRIAL AS A RED; Lawyer for City College Tutor Calls Case a ‘Frame-Up’Article 12 — No TitleVITAMIN BASKET, NEW HEALTH PLAN; Nutrition Director Tells Conference of Federal Plan for Unit Sale of …NEW WRIT OBTAINED IN FIGHT FOR SCHOOL; College Board Named in Action to Save Townsend HarrisDEMOCRATS’ BILLS ON REFORM BACKED; Committee Reports Out the County Proposals for Full Action by City …STERN PATTERN’ SET FOR DEFENSE LIVING; Business Women at Los Angeles Are Urged to Stress War Relief55,000 MAKE PLEA FOR MILK PRICE RISE; Dairymen Supplying City to Send Petition to Capital by Special MessengerWill Study Fuel ShortagesTRACK COACH ARRESTED; Possession of Starter’s Pistol Brings Fireworks ChargePhone Link to Panama ImprovedSCHAPPES SENTENCE FIXED AT 1 1/2 YEARS; Court Tells Red Tutor, Guilty of Perjury, That His Is No Case …TWO WOMEN RECEIVE ALTRUSIAN AWARDS; Miss Barber and Miss Elliott Honored for Government WorkA NEW JUSTICE JOINS THE SUPREME COURTMint-Flavored Dressing on Market to Add to Lure of Cool Fruit SaladLEASES JERSEY ESTATE; Syndicate Plans School on the Former Parson PropertyRED CAP FEE IS UPHELD; I.C.C. Rules Cincinnati Baggage Charge Is ReasonableDONALD FRANK HILLEBLINDEMAN SCORES NEW YORK SCHOLARS; Tells Ann Arbor Group Some Teachers Accuse Colleagues ‘of All Sorts …EIFFEL BUILDER’S SON DIES; Albert Aided in the Commercial Exploitation of Paris TowerJAMES H. CONNORS; Head of the Narragansett Racing Association Was Bank DirectorHUNTLEY WRIGHT, BRITISH ACTOR, 71; Musical Comedy Player Who Appeared Here in ’07 Diesu Brother of Haidee …Dr. CAKL E. MAGNTTSSONHOWARD BBOOKEEIMIL C. DITTBICHPHILIP B. PHILIPP, LAWYER, OOLOGI5T; Ex-Partner in Father’s Firm of Philipp, Sawyer, Rice & Kennedy …MAJOR JOSEPH H. HUGHES; Dies in Brooklyn at 53uWas on Leave From Fort McClellanMATTHEW J. DISERIO Jr.EDWARD J. WILLIS; Inventor, Scientist, Author Dies in Richmond, Va., at 74REV. JOSEPH W. BEKGMBS. DAVID M. BUNYONBENJAMIN J. GREENINGuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I Ferdinand 3Iorton !A. C. HAMMESFAHR, PUBLISHER, 61, DIES; Head of Metropolitan Sunday Newspapers, Inc., Since 1932 Stricken …MRS. IKYING A. SAKTORIUSObituary 1 — No TitleMAJOR EARLE F. HENRY; Headed Brooklyn and Mountain Lakes LegionuCaptain in WarCHARLES CONNER EVANS; Pennsylvania District Judge for 32 Years Headed Berwick BankREV. WILLIAM BAKER, LONG IN NEW HAVEN; Ex-Rector of Christ Episcopal a Leader of High ChurchmenEDWARD P. WAI.SHGEORGE J. BLAKECAPT. MONROE MAYHOFF; Former Bond Broker, Ex-Officer of National Guard, Dies at 44MRS. FREDERICK T. LORD IOld Firemen, in Difficulties; Their Pensions Insufficient for Living Expenses, One DeclaresREV. A. FRANK HATJSERWILLIAM K. COREYCHARLES N. STANTON700 AT THE FUNERAL OF SAM A. SCRIBNER; Large Representation From Stage at Service in Little ChurchSIR ARTHUR EYANS, AN ARCHAEOLOGIST; He Rediscovered and Restored the Palace of King Minos in CreteuStricken …LT. COL. SIDNEY J. CUTLER; Commander 32d Field Artillery, 1st Division, World War HeroLincoln and the Supreme CourtA POLICY OF DRIFTA GREAT PUBLIC CHARACTERWASHINGTON MARKETAMERICA AND JAPANPlan and Time-Table in the Russian CampaignPLANNING FOR DEFENSECurtailment of Commodities; Care Urged to Avoid Dislocation of the National Industrial MachineryTopics of The TimesFUTILE STRIFE IN SYRIADRAFT BOARDS TO GET THE HELP OF VETERANS; McDermott Reveals Plans at Kings County Legion SessionMaas Is on Marine DutyCONFUSING COUNTY REFORMOther Metals to Be Collected3,500 Men of 27th ArriveNational Anthem to Open And End Music ProgramsCHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR ENDORSES PEACE PLAN; 3,000 Delegates Back Poling’s Seven-Point ProgramDEFENSE TAX BILL MAYBE CUT IN TWO; Excise Levies Would Be Voted at Once, Excess Profits and Income Imposts …QUITS WESTCHESTER POST; Wainwright Succeeded by Col. Devereux as Defense HeadSHIPS WARNED ON FIRING; Fort Hancock Troops to Start Anti-Aircraft Practice TodayTOO-HOO’ BATTALION STANDS BY GEN. LEAR; Men of Disciplined Outfit Resent Criticism, of ChiefWestchester Legion ConvenesSPANISH FUNDS FREED FROM ‘FREEZING’ CURBS; Assurances Given That Assets Will Not Be MisusedFalls With Knife in Hand, DiesAnti-Tank Study Due for ArmyNO AIR-RAID RESCUES — YET, POLICE RULE; ‘ Realistic’ Display by Women’s Corps Halted as Too RiskyDORRANCE JR. INDUCTED; Princeton Man With $20,000-a- Month Income Is Buck PrivatePOSTAL MEN GIVE $2,500 TO USO FUND; $8,000 More to Be Contributed by Other Federal Workers in City, …HARBOR ENTRANCE MINED; Navy Gives Notice of Markers in Lower New York BayALUMINUM DRIVE SET AT 2,000 PLANES; Household Campaign Expected to Bring in 15,000,000 Tons, 0PM Experts SayWORLD CRISIS FUND SET UP BY BAPTISTS; Northern Convention Requests Home Mission Society to Assume Defense …Zwilling Named Indians’ CoachBooks of the TimesTopics of Sermons That Will Be Heard in City Churches Tomorrow; Former London Pastor Summer Preacher HereBanks’s Midget Auto FirstShips to Equal Britain’s LossesNotes on Books and AuthorsFort Dix Team Loses, 4-1$50,000 FUTURITY AT CHICAGO TODAY; Calumet Farm’s Four-Horse Entry Tops Star Field in Test for 2-Year-OldsWOOD, FIELD AND STREAMMiss Cline Takes Junior FinalMISS JACOBS EASY VICTOR; Subdues Miss Sheer, 6-4, 6-0, in Middle States TennisConey Island Bouts OffMENGARINI BEATEN BY ADAMS IN CHESS; Bay State Player Captures Adjourned Match From 7th Round at Ventnor …LABOYTEAUX FILLY FIRST UNDER WIRE; Imperatrice Pays $5.10 in 3d 1941 Victory — Skelly Also Scores on …Yacht Myth Beats AileenFLEET OF 31 SAILS FOR BLOCK ISLAND; Start Made in Two Divisions From Execution Light in Annual N.Y.A.C. RaceSHELLFISH BAN ANNOUNCED; Ruling on Prohibited Waters in Suffolk Effective TodayTOLEY ELIMINATES MAKO; Gains Atlantic Coast Net Final in Upset — Olewine WinsCROOKS AND GLAZIER BREAK WORLD MARKS; Shatter Runabout Records in Lake Hopatcong TrialsMr. Daley Gets a VoteDropping the Decimal PointStill Not a Record ScoreSabin Rallies to Down Kramer In 5-Set Match at Spring Lake; Gains Final With 4-6, 6-1, 6-8, 6-1, 6-0 …MITCHEL FIELD’S NINE; Games Wanted on Several Dates by L.I. Army Post TeamAdd Famous Baseball FamiliesDIMAGGIO VS. KEELER; Despite Joe’s Record, Willie Is Held Superior by ReaderFIVE TIE FOR MEDAL IN L.I., GOLF ON 76S; Frank Strafaci, Tobin, Harte, Cerrocki and Huskins Finish in …Chess by CableWALKING FOR WRITERS; Track Scribes Are Invited to Enter Heel-and-Toe EventSOOSE WINS IN THE 2D; Referee Stops Bout After Celli Is Down Four TimesM’NEILL DOWNS TALBERT; Wins in Four Sets to Gain Last Round of Western TennisBillows Gets Record 67 and Leads With 138 Total in Sweetser Event; Sets New Tournament Mark at Sleepy …Goldstein Stops MontanariHole-in-One the Hard WayMISS LOPAUS GAINS FINAL; Defeats Miss Rustum in Girls’ Tennis — Miss Hammett WinsCHAMPION’S BIRDIE TOPS HOGAN, 2 UP; Nelson Gets 3 on 36th After Breaking Tie at 35th in U.S. Pro Golf …Eagles Sign Two College StarsMISS ORCUTT VICTOR IN PLAY-OFF ON LINKS; Halts Miss Cassidy on 2d Hole After They Tie With 80sJust a Matter of TasteQuick Knockout by LouisFORT ONTARIO; NEW YORKBROOKLYN VICTOR WITH 7 IN 1ST, 12-2; Walker’s Homer Is Greeting to Derringer — Davis Slams 3-Run Shot …NEWSOM TRIUMPHS OVER GROVE BY 2-0; Tigers Keep Red Sox Veteran From 300th Victory — Each Side Makes Six HitsCOL ADLER HEADS BRIGADE OF 44TH; Division Commander Promotes World War Veteran Named to Be a Brigadier GeneralDIMAGGIO’S 4 HITS HELP HALT BROWNS; Joe Runs Streak to 50 Games First Time Up, Then Homer Seals Yanks’ …SMITH, WHITE SOX, TOPS SENATORS, 3-1; Hudson’s Fielding Blunders Costly — Knickerbocker’s 2-Run Homer …BEARS BLANK BUFFALO, 6-0; Collins Gets Homer With Bases Full in First InningSISTI AND COONEY DOWN CUBS, 7 TO 2; Account for Seven Safeties and Five of Braves’ TalliesSTAR OF ALL-STARS YIELDS JOB TO ROOKIE; Pirates Won’t Split Winning Combination for VaughanField Meet at Fort Hancock Today; New Athletic Facilities Being ProvidedFORT BENNING; GEORGIAADMIRAL IN MUFTI WAITS; Kimmel Steps Aside for Navy Officers in Honolulu StoreFORT ETHAN ALLEN; VERMONTCAMP WHEELER; GEORGIAFORT MONMOUTH; NEW JERSEYFORT DEVENS; MASSACHUSETTSFORT SLOCUM; NEW YORKCROW WINS SPOT AS OLD 7TH MASCOT; Duck and Dog Also Become Pets of 207th Artillery at Camp StewartRECREATION HELD AT FT. DU PONT HUT; Plays and Dances Are Given at Center — Five-Piece Orchestra Is …PINS ‘AGGRESSION’ ON U.S.; Chilean Paper Cites Iceland as Shift in Foreign PolicyPINE CAMP; NEW YORK5,000 Books for Soldiers Provided at Fort RileyCAMP UPTON; NEW YORKMITCHEL FIELD; NEW YORKCAMP PENDLETON; VIRGINIAARMY LIFE BRIGHT AT FORT JACKSON; Recreation of 41,000 Soldiers at $18,000,000 Post Enhanced by South …Soldiers Coming Near HomeMAXWELL FIELD; ALABAMABRITAIN GIVES ITS CONSENT; Waives Rights So U.S. Can Transfer VesselsChilean Youth Joins Anti-NazisRussia Hails U.S. MoveSUGAR LAND LAW TESTED |; Preliminary Injunction Granted in Puerto Rican CourtTurks Hold 3 Nazi Plane CrewsFinland Curbs Gasoline SaleSubmarine Held UnharmedArticle 11 — No Title12 ON ICELANDIC SHIP SAIL FOR REYKJAVIK; First Freighter to Leave for Port Since U.S. OccupationNavy to Turn Out New Type Explosive In Plant to Cost Upward of $70,000,000HIGH PROMOTIONS SPEEDED BY NAVY; Knox Advances the Meeting of the Selection BoardBIG U.S. SUPPLIES ARMING NEAR EAST; British Expect Germans to Push Drive There Speedily if Soviet Is DefeatedFRENCH OFFICIALS MOVED; Darlan Housecleaning Ousts Some, Advances OthersPresident Calls the Work Legal5TH COLUMN BLITZ’ OVER WHELMS CITY; Subversives,’BackedbyTroops, ‘Take Over’ Anderson, S.C., in a Zero-Hour …New Zealand Drive UrgedDONOVAN IS NAMED INFORMATION HEAD; Roosevelt Puts Him in Charge of New Agency to Digest Intelligence …Turk President Back in AnkaraIRISH HERE DENOUNCE WILLKIE’S PROPOSAL; Neutrality Advocates Term It a Violation of FreedomULSTER NATIONALIST IS SEIZED AS A FOE; Cahir Healy Arrested in North Ireland Under Defense ActTREASURY ORDERS AXIS SHIPS SEIZED; Action, Preliminary to Forfeiture Proceedings, Aims to Put 18 Vessels …Article 9 — No TitleFOE’S SHIP LOSSES ARE LISTED BY BRITAIN; 37 Vessels of More Than 105,000 Tons ‘Gravely Damaged’ITALY WILL PERMIT AMERICANS TO LEAVE; Easing of Orders Follows Urgent Note — Some Funds BlockedUNEASY ON U.S. AIM, VICHY GIRDS DAKAR; Land Defenses Bolstered and Damaged Warship Richelieu Made Ready …Goals of Two Offensives; British Might Land Raiding Parties as Nazis Seek to Destroy Soviet ArmiesArticle 8 — No TitleArticle 10 — No TitleLisbon Warns U.S. on AzoresSOVIET TO RELEASE DOCTOR; Agrees to Give Visa to Passaic Man, State Department SaysMINERS TO BE FORCED BACK TO BRITISH PITS; Former Colliery Workers of 20 to 60 Must Return to TasksTRANSPORT TO BRING AMBULANCE DRIVERS; 21 of Zamzam, Held by Nazis, Will Return on West PointNEW ZEALAND HAILS GIFT; Acting Prime Minister Comments on Dental Unit From U.S.Article 7 — No TitleVoluntary Exodus From MoscowNAZIS SAID TO USE POISON; Moscow Official Makes Charge — Russia Has ‘Not Yet Replied’BRITISH GOVERNOR DEPARTS ON CLIPPER; Will Take Over British Guiana Post After Two MonthsAnkara Sees Nazi PressureLAYTON GETS NEW POST; British Economist Is Named Head of Supply Council GroupTo Hold Fete for China ReliefTexts of British French Truce NotesArticle 6 — No TitleThree Drives for BeirutItalians Attack HaifaALLIES PUSH AHEAD ON SYRIAN FRONTS; Enter Environs of Beirut and Press Their Drives Upon Aleppo and …PAPEN SEEKS RELEASE OF DIPLOMATIC AIDES; Turks Report Difficulties in Axis-Soviet TransfersFrench Counter-AttackU.S. Tin for Portuguese SardinesArticle 5 — No TitleAllied Gains ReportedPERU ‘IN PRINCIPLE’ ACCEPTS MEDIATION; But Reports New Attack on Frontier Region and Sends Protest to EcuadorUrges Use of Existing AgenciesQuito Still Studies TermsNAZIS CITE ‘SMASH’ AT HULL; Claim Downing of 12 Spitfires in Day Attacks by R.A.F.Ecuador Reports ActionPatrols Attacked, Peru SaysColombia Keeps AloofAxis Active Near GibraltarBengazi Battered AgainEmissaries Reach WashingtonFBI MEN IN BERMUDA FOR MURDER INQUIRY; Two Agents Will Aid Police in Seeking Woman’s SlayerNew Nazi Plan ExpectedR.A.F. SEARS NAPLES ANEW IN LONG RAID; 5 Killed, 33 Wounded in 3-Hour Bombing — Heavy Property Damage …Railway Sabotage Urged By Reich ‘Freedom’ RadioRoosevelt Tells Kalinin We Back Russian PeopleSILENT ON COLLABORATION; Vichy Reveals Nothing About Darlan’s Talks in ParisSoviet Hails More HeroesPrincess Visits WoundedArticle 4 — No TitleNAZIS DRAFT PLANS ON OCCUPIED RUSSIA; They Debate the Question of Dealing With Collective Farms on Expected …BRITISH INTERCEPT NAZI SHIP FROM RIO; Hamburg-Bound Vessel Eluded Navy on Westward VoyageArticle 3 — No TitleItalianGermanBritishArticle 2 — No Title35 Alleged Reds Seized in LyonArticle 1 — No TitleJAPANESE CABINET WILL RULE FINANCE; Capital Mobilization Ordered to Prepare for the Expected ‘Super-Emergency’ …8,000,000 Said to Move UpFrenchPRICES SOAR IN RUMANIA; But Increase Is Said Not to Cover the Cost of ProductionSays Wreckage Blocks DriveNazi-Turkish Talks ReportedNew Objectives Now ForeseenBomb Russian BasesJapan Said to Fear SovietRussianRUSSIAN ‘CHUTISTS CAUGHT IN FINLAND; Helsinki Says in Most Cases They Assert They Bailed Out of Planes …Japan Calls Sixth Ship HomeGermans Believed to Be Using Huge Forces to Make Decisive Breach Like That at Sedan — Ostrov Sector Key ZoneBritish Took the Bulk Of May Arms ExportsRussian Strength NotedU.S. MEN IN IRELAND; British Admit That Our Technicians, Labor Are at Work ThereAuhagen Convicted as Propaganda Agent; Gets Two Years for Failure to Register; AUHAGEN GUILTY AS GERMAN AGENTStatement by Foreign Office; AMERICAN EXPERTS ON JOB IN IRELANDGERMANY IS SILENT ON RUSSIAN FRONTS; High Command Yields No News — Other Sources Say Mass of Wreckage …Fatigue Factor SeenLA GUARDIA TO SHUN DEMOCRATIC RACE IN THE PRIMARIES; His New Deal Supporters Will Not Enter Him as Candidate …China Said to Shift TroopsNazis Extend Death Penalty3 1/3 BILLIONS ASKED FOR SHIPS AND NAVY; Supplementary Defense Funds to Build 566 More Merchant Vessels, …BIG R.A.F. BOMBERS RAID NORTH FRANCE; Blast Seine Shipyard, Destroy Stukas on Field — Attack Cologne …INCIDENT IN RESCUE; Destroyer Saving Ship Survivors Dropped a Charge, It Is SaidTRADE ‘BLACKLIST’ COVERS AXIS LINKS IN LATIN AMERICA; 2,000 Firms and Individuals in Other Republics …FRANCE REBUFFS BRITAIN ON TRUCE; Holds Terms on Syria Violate National Honor and Balks at Dealing With …RED PLANES ACTIVE; German Drive Is Ended, Russia Says — London Reports a New OneHURLED FROM PLANE, RIDES ITS TAIL SAFELY; Army Cadet, Somersaulted Out of Seat, Clings to RearPREDICTS HALVING OF CAR PRODUCTION; Consumer Publication Says Output of 1942 Models May Not Pass 2,600,000 …3 IN MAXWELL CASE HEAR FATE TODAY; Prosecutor Tells the Jury in Murder Trial He Will Not Oppose Mercy for TwoHarbor Lights Dimmed in Port ‘Blockade’; Test to Combat Air Raiders Staged HereFather and Son Drowned on Jersey Outing; Brooklyn and Bronx Boys Also Lose LivesKLEIN PETITION IS UPHELD; Board Rules He Is Democratic Candidate in 14th DistrictFire DepartmentArticle 17 — No TitleASKS LEAR REPORT ON DISCIPLINE CASE; War Department Calls on General to Tell His Side of Troop-Punishing …New-Jersey Boy DrownedNational Guard OrdersWESTCHESTER ACTS TO BUILD AIRPORT; Orders Options Taken on Two Harrison Sites, With North Purchace Tract …Republican Reports AskedAnti-War Paper Founded in WestJERSEY PLANT SOLD BY STANDARD OIL; Empire Chemical Company to Operate Property Located in New BrunswickENGINEERING AWARDS SET NEW HIGH RECORD; Week’s Total of $298,718,000 Swells Year’s VolumeBUYS ON STATEN ISLAND; Lawyer Takes Title to Dwelling at Dongan HillsEAST SIDE HOUSE DRAWS 20 TENANTS; Madison Avenue Apartment Is Scheduled for Occupancy Next MonthMt. Vernon Home to BrooklyniteChappaqua Residence BoughtOPERATOR RESELLS BIG LOFT BUILDING; David S. Meister Makes Quick Turnover With Property in West 36th StreetArmy Orders and AssignmentsHEARING JULY 21 ON SUBSIDY CUTS; Maritime Commission Orders President Lines Officials Appear at SessionELECTRICIANS VOTE FOR WALKOUT HERE; A.F.L. Local 3 Authorizes a Non-Defense StoppageBusiness World; Receives Annual Award In Boys’ Wear PromotionLumber Production Off Less Than Trend; Shipments and Orders Also Cut by HolidayCHECK FURNITURE PRICES; FTC Investigators Visit Five Grand Rapids PlantsCheney Advances J.M. AndersonNEW FLUSHING HOME SOLD; Samuel Brout Gets a Colonial House — L.I.C. Dwelling BoughtAdvertising News and NotesIndustrial Realty Men Urge Wider Use Of Existing Plant Space for War WorkLIQUOR HOUSES AFFILIATE; Bellows Will Be Distributor for National DistillersNEW SHOP SPACE FOR DRESS CHAIN; Many Business Leases Near Rockefeller Center Figure in Day’s ActivitiesSTORE SALES UP 28% FOR WEEK IN NATION; Volume for Four-Week Period Rose 19%, According to the Reserve BoardLOCALLY DRESSED MEATSHog Price Best Since 1937WHEAT UNCHANGED ON MILL SUPPORT; Market Reacts About 2 Cents a Bushel From Early Peak When Soy Beans DropLIVESTOCK IN CHICAGOINACTIVE BANK ACCOUNTS; Bennett Rules Savings Institu- tions Cannot Limit DividendsREACTION APPEARS IN COTTON FUTURES; First Setback in More Than a Week Brings Declines of 5 to 9 Points …OPPOSES TRANSFER OF GOLD SHIPMENT; Bank of France Agent Fights Recovery by BelgiumNAVAL STORESCOMMODITY INDEX HOLDS EVEN IN WEEK; Wholesale Gauge Stays at 87.7 After Nine RisesCLOTH MILL ‘STRIKE’ ON SALES IS DENIED; No Contract at Any Price Can Mean Anything, He Says — No Action …DIVIDEND NEWSCarloadings Off 18.5% in Holiday Week, Both Indices Drop; Total Up 16.2% in YearLicensing Delays ShipmentsBRITISH TRADE AIMS RAISING PROBLEMS; Latin-American Commerce Is Subject of Discussions of Experts at …FORECAST ON CORN ABOVE CROP IN 1940; Department of Agriculture’s First Estimate Calls for 2,548,709,000 …DENIES LEASE-LEND CHARGE; Sir Kenneth Lee Tells Trade Group It Is Too Soon for Re-ExportsINTEREST TO GO IN ESCROW; Ogden Corporation Agrees to Await Ruling by SECArticle 16 — No TitleGimbels at Defense Bond LimitWHEAT MEETING LAUDED BY WELLES; International Conference in Washington Hailed as an Example of CooperationNEW LOAN AWRDS BY MUNICIPALITIES; $450,000 Temporary-Loan Notes of Holyoke, Mass., Go to National ShawmutCALIFORNIA PACKING DEAL; Debentures Sold to Insurance Concern to Retire LoanBANK STATEMENTSDefault by Alberta ForecastOTHER CORPORATE REPORTSElected by Insurance GroupRAZOR COMPANY INCREASES INCOME; Gillette Safety and Subsidiar- ies Earn $1,391,790 in Half-Year, Against …FREIGHT RATE DATA PRESENTED TO I.C.C.; Four Basic Studies Taken Up at St. Louis HearingRESERVE BANK POSITIONExcess Reserves of the Member Banks Decrease $150,000,000 in Week to July 9Prices Down in AmsterdamNEWS OF MARKETS IN FOREIGN CITIES; Securities in London Advance as Supplies Dwindle and Demand Is InsistentDutch Treasury Paper GrowsCLEARINGS UP 33.9% ABOVE 1940 PERIOD; Check Transactions in 23 Key Cities of Country Total $5,590,918,000German Market ListlessDEPOSITS DECLINE IN BANK OF ENGLAND; u35,138,000 Drop for Public and Private Funds ReportedEDMUND BURKE JR. NAMED FOR SEC; Director of Reorganization Division Succeeds Henderson in Term to June 5, 1944INDUSTRY’S OUTPUT AT PEAK; Record Production in Half Year Is 40% Above 1940 FigureNational Power and Light Plans to Trade Stock of Subsidiary in Integration MoveU.S. STEEL REACHES NEW SHIPMENT TOP; Total for Six Months Put at 10,052,877 Net Tons, Up 50% From 194014.8% RISE FORECAST FOR CARLOADINGS; Reports From Thirteen Regions Made at Special MeetingEXCHANGE DEFINES COMMODITY HEDGES; Ruling, to Decide Exemptions From Higher Margin Needs, Is Called LiberalSEC FINDS UTILITY INFLATED ASSETS; Florida Power and Light Held to Have Overstated Accounts by $40,065,993EXCESS FUNDS OFF $100,000,000 HERE; Week’s Drop, Due Mainly to RFC Note Payments, Makes Total Lowest …Treasury Offers BillsSTOCKS INTERRUPT WEEK-LONG RISE; Turnovers on Exchange and Curb Reduced, but Close of Trading Is FirmArticle 15 — No TitleTOPICS IN WALL STREETNOTE OFFERING ENDED; Commodity Credit Issue to Be Allotted Next Week$4,005,871 EARNED BY RAYONIER, INC.; Demand for Concern’s Pulps Brings New High Record Profit for YearBanks Wins Auto RaceGoldstein in Bout TonightDUNFRESE SCORES AND PAYS $257.50; Winner of Seventh at Empire Returns Biggest Price of New York Racing SeasonLOAN FOR THE BURLINGTON; Railroad Asks I.C.C. to Authorize $9,387,000 of CertificatesBIG RISE IN OUTPUT OF STEEL FORECAST; Light Plates for Defense to Be Increased 754,000 Tons in 1942, …ARMY’S CONTRACTS IN DAY $59,998,992; Many Awards to Companies in This Area Are Listed in WashingtonAmerican Car and Foundry to Pay Dividend of $1 After 4-Year Lapse; Resumption on Common Stock Voted …Chicago Junior Sailors FirstFontana Defeats HookToronto Acquires MerulloIannazzo Outboxes VelezSANTASIERE GAINS IN VENTNOR CHESS; Leader in Invitation Tourney Adds Point in Match With Durkin for 5-2 ScoreAn Old Friend in a New SuitMAKO BEATS EDWARDS ON OCEAN CITY COURT; Olewine, Greenberg and Toley Win — Mrs. Lang GainsPARKER DEFEATS MARX AND ALLOO; Drops Four Games to Each in Catching Up With Field on Spring Lake CourtsDORFMAN DEFEATS KRAIS; Moses Upsets Clark in National Interscholastic TennisFELLER WINS 17TH, BEATING ATHLETICS; Triples in Ninth and Breaks Tie on Boudreau’s Single for Indians’ …GLORIA EVANS TRIUMPHS; Upsets Miss Rosenquest, 6-1, 6-2, in Eastern Girls’ TennisMISS BERNHARD VICTOR; Champion Tops Miss Wightman in Middle States TennisNEWS OF WOOD, FIELD AND STREAMCUBS, WITH OLSEN, CHECK BRAVES, 3-1; Pitcher’s Single Drives Run Across — Nicholson Gets Two Hits in …BEARS PREVAIL, 5-3, THEN LOSE BY 7 TO 2; Trade Homers in Even Break at Buffalo Before 14,023HIGBE TAKES NO. 12 FOR BROOKLYN, 8-3; Holds Reds to Five Hits but Walks Six — Herman Handles Ten Chances …MRS. COMISKEY BACKS DYKES IN UMPIRE WAR; Head of White Sox Gives Her Support to ManagerWHITE SOX CONQUER SENATORS BY 5 TO 1; Back Rigney’s Hurling With 14 Hits — Kreevich Gets 4DiMaggio Runs Streak to 49 Games As Yanks Halt Browns at Night, 1-0; Joe Connects for Single First Time …CARDS’ 5 IN EIGHTH DEFEAT GIANTS, 13-9; St. Louis Batters Wittig After Terrymen Draw Even With Eight …RALLY BY PIRATES SUBDUES PHILS, 6-3; Five Runs in Eighth Defeat Hughes — Four-Bagger by Etten Goes to WasteMcNeill Slated to PlayJERSEYS BEAT LEAFS, 4-1; Cuccinello’s Pinch Triple in Eighth Nets Three RunsRobin Hood Shoot TuesdayDriscoll to Help Coach BearsAVANTI LEADS YACHTS IN HANDICAP DIVISION; Feather Paces Internationals for Series on SoundCOLTART CRUSHED BY SARAZEN, 9 AND 7; Veteran Gains Most Decisive Victory of Third Round in P.G.A. Matches …STARLIGHT CONCERT IN CAPITAL TONIGHT; Betty Humby and the Primrose ‘String Quartet to EntertainBOSTWICK QUARTET DOWNS GREAT NECK; Scores 6-5 Upset at Westbury in Polo League — Pelicans Surprise …DEAR SHOOTS AN 80 WITH SISTER TO WIN; He and Mrs. Towner Gain Title in Metropolitan Golf Event on Mountain …JANE EVANS GOLF VICTOR; Shoots 92 for Gross Laurels on Silver Springs LinksFORD HALTS DAWSON ON SIXTH EXTRA HOLE; New Yorker Then Tops Hedges in State Junior TourneySCREEN NEWS HERE AND IN HOLLYWOOD; Rosalind Russell and Walter Pidgeon to Be Featured in ‘Achilles’ at MetroNEW BRIDGE LANES OPENED; Williamsburg Span Traffic Using Three Extra RoadwaysGOODMAN CONDUCTS AT ROBIN HOOD DELL; Swing Leader and His Band Delight Audience of 10,000NO. 100,000 IN SING SING; The Gates Swing Open to Admit Him and No. 99,999Harry Orchard Loses Parole PleaSHOOTS MAN, BEGS PARDON; Barber Mistakes Victim for His Assailant in Attack Last YearWIDOW WINS ESTATE FIGHT; Mrs. Hammett, Bride in Deathbed Wedding, Gets Most of $300,000SCENIC ARTISTS UNION TO DEBATE CONTRACT; Session Monday Will Take Up Stalemated NegotiationsROSE TO PRODUCE ‘CLASH BY NIGHT!’; Plans to Present the Odets Play in October — Sinclair Lewis Again to ActElla Logan at Loew’s StateRainbow Bridge to Open in FallBILLS OFFERED TO TAX RACE TRACKS IN CITY; Council Finance Committee Considers Two MeasuresTWO KILLERS GO TO CHAIR; Death Penalties Are Last to Be Directed by Warden LawesProf. Quiz’ Must Pay AlimonyOYSTER BAY YOUTH REPORTED MISSING; Dudley B. Rich, 20, Stepson of G.E. Roosevelt, Disappeared From Home …WHITNEY’S NEW HOME TOLD; Ex-Broker Going to Easthamp- ton, Mass., on Leaving Sing SingSTATE’S DEATH RATE HIT NEW LOW IN MAY; Births Were Highest in 8 Years as Nation’s Infant Toll FellSinger Kills Child, Roams Streets 12 Hours, Then Ends Her Own Life; Tamara Charle, New York Night Club …DEFIES GRAND JURY IN PAVING INQUIRY; Staten Island Man Who Got Secret Data Faces PunishmentArticle 14 — No TitleEDUCATORS URGED TO TEACH THINKING; Dr. Newlon Says Youth of the Nation Must Learn Not What but How to ThinkSENATE’S NEW PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE IS CONGRATULATEDCITY’S MILK SUPPLY NOW NEARLY NORMAL; Farmers’ Petition for Price Rise Is Being PreparedSTUDENTS CARRY ON IN COLLEGE STRIKE; They Run Elevators After 177 Service Workers Walk Out at Teachers CollegeArticle 13 — No Title6TH COMMANDMENT ON AUTO TAGS URGED; Lehman Suggests That ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ Be On All 1943 PlatesTRANSIT PAY SCALE TO ADD $6,000,000; Adjustments on Unified Lines Will Mean Big Increase in Costs for …FEDERAL PAYROLL UP 33% IN 12 MONTHS; Civil Employes Now Number 1,306,333, a Record MarkEXTORTION ADMITTED BY AIDE OF BAMBRICK; Building Service Union Official to Be Sentenced’ July 31TRIBOROUGH BRIDGE A SYMBOL TO MOSES; His Report Today, on the Fifth Anniversary of Its Opening; Stresses …ASKS USE OF STATE LABOR; Lehman Calls Training Schools to Attention of EmployersArchitects’ Scholarship Awarded to New YorkerALFRED G. DALEBOARD WON’T ADOPT MEDIATION ‘POLICY’; Rejects Suggestions That It Set Forth a Guide to Help Panels Decide …OCTAVE HOMBERG, FRENCH FINANCIER; Negotiated Loans Here and in England in World Waru Dies on the RivieraAIR STRIKE CHIEF ACCUSED; Mitchener Is Put Under Union Charges by FrankensteenOpens Jersey Aluminum DriveTHOMAS W. FLOODObituary 1 — No TitleNEHEMIAH CANDEE ____; Norwalk Judge, 1917-38, Lost Philippine Post by FilibusterARTHUR L. C. HENRYTHEODORE B. TTJTTLJEML STONE, PIONEER IN BIRTH CONTROL; The Former Hannah Mayer, .Who Directed Margaret Sanger Research …EDWARD J. CL.ODE JR.DR. OSCAR WATSON, 73, EDITOR AND PHYSICIAN; Foreign News Head Here for Associated Press 22 YearsHARRY J. FOX; Board Chairman of the Detroit Trust Co. Dies at Home at 69 _uuuu_______ ,JOHN BARTER CROSSGEORGE A. REIDCHARLES J. BESTDR. DAVID JOCHELMAN; Head of Federation of Jewish Relief Organizations in Britain. MAX ROSENBLATTYON SIEMENS DEAD; LED NAZI INDUSTRY; Headed Vast’Manufacturing Concern Ranking First in Reich War ProductionHIRAM KINSMAN » EVANSADOUPH HEINEMANNJOSEPH DAY LEE, 60, A LAWYER 36 YEARS; Was a Member of Cravath, de Gersdorff, Swaine & Wood’WALTER F. SCHIRMERDR. J. MADISON NEARY :MRS.A.HECKSCHER, PHILANTHROPIST, 66; Widow of Real Estate Man Dies in Penthouse Home in Office BuildingDR. EDWARD KREMERS; Head of the Wisconsin School of Pharmacy 43 Years Dies at 76DR. AUGUST SCHACHNERA Hint to Mr. IckesBLONDES AND THEIR USESBrazil’s Rubber AvailableEntomological DissertationB-19 Built at Douglas PlantA TIMELY DENIALRECORD PURCHASING POWEROpportunity Seen for Us; Hitler’s Attack on Russia Is Viewed as Aid to Our Defense ProgramJoint Tax Return Opposed; House Committee Proposal Is Regarded as a Backward StepMEN UNDER ARMSBRIDGE ANNIVERSARYTopics of The TimesA TARGET OF THE R.A.F.COUNTY LEGION GETS A NEW COMMANDER; Lawrence McNally Is Elected — Reds in City Service ScoredEDUCATION CALLED TO FACE PEACE ERA; Speakers at Ann Arbor Stress New Demands to Be Imposed by Post-War …Fire Jams 42d St. TrafficMISSIONARY ZEAL IS URGED ON YOUTH; Vigor Is Needed to Combat the Totalitarian Causes, Dr. Herbert Gesork WarnsMR. PRESIDENT GLASSLUMPKIN IN SENATE FOR SOUTH CAROLINA; Gov. Maybank Temporarily Puts Judge in Byrnes SeatMiss Betty Vitale to Be WedThe Question of Naval Bases in IrelandTRIBUTE BY 24,000 TO GEO. GERSHWIN; Smallens Leads Philharmonic in Memorial Program of the Composer’s WorksFrancis Lederer MarriedBooks of the TimesMISS H. C. COLGATE SETS WEDDING DAY; She Will Be Bride of James C. Cannon at Aug. 2 Nuptials at Biddeford …RUTH ST. DENIS TO APPEAR; Will Dance in ‘Radha’ at the Becket Festival, Despite YearsStoffregenuCarhartPauline Jacobson Wed in Parents’ Home * To Ensign Robert S. Salzer, U. S. N. R.CONSTANCE BINNEY TO WED; Actress Will Be Married to Brit- ish Flier This MonthNotes on Books and AuthorsNotes About Social Activities in the New York Area and ElsewhereMISS CLEMENT FIANCEE; Graduate of Chapin School to Be Wed to Donald E. BishopREAL BLACK SHEEP JOINS CITY’S OTHERS; Cherie, 11-Year-Old Defense ‘Major,’ Delivers Dark-Hued Lamb to Al SmithBESSE REAY IS WED TO REV. H. R. WILKES; Ceremony Performed in Christ Methodist Church HereVICTORIA H.PAYNE PROSPECTIVE BRIDE; Troth of Mystic, Conn., Girl to Lieut. Talbot Harper, U. S. N., …C. LEDYARD BLAIRS HOSTS AT NEWPORT; They Entertain With a Large Dinner at Summer Home, Honeysuckle LddgeMary Randolph Witmer WedWILLIAM M’NAIRS BAR HARBOR HOSTS; They Entertain With a Dinner at Leeward — John De W. Peltzs Have GuestsEAST HAMPTON AIDS USO; Village Garden Club Sponsors Tour of Seven Homes ThereEntertains Benefit AidesNUPTIALS ARE HELL FOR MISS BREWSTER; I She Is Married at the Home of Parents in Oyster Bay to ‘ i Taggart …MISS TOWNSEND ENGAGED; Benmngton College Alumna to Be Bride of Ralph D. Head Jr.Miss Teddy Barnett MarriedALICE FRAZER TO WED AIR CORPS OFFICER,; Finch Graduate Is Betrothed to Lieat. T.K. Pickhardt, U. S. A.Goossens Going to Maine TodayDE ROTHSCHILDS FETED AT SHORE; Goodhue Livingstons Dinner Hosts to Baron and Baroness at Southampton HomeWood Heads Hoosac SchoolSTEEL HEAD SCOUTS SHORTAGE POSSIBILITY; This Applies Both to Military and Non-Military Uses, Tower SaysOcean TravelersSOCIETY MATRON SETS FASHION NOTE AT NEWPORTHOLDS BACK COPPER, FEARING SHORTAGE; OPM Extends the Priorities Control to Alloys and All Things Made …END OF DAN BEARD HOUSE; Old Flushing Home of Scout Leader to Be Torn DownLEFT WING OF LABOR FOR HITLER DEFEAT; But Takes No Stand on Mayor — Part of County Slate NamedTo ‘Scalp’ Washington MonumentBRIDGES FOR SOVIET, BUT NOT BRITAIN; He Tells Maritime Convention Russia Is Anti-Fascist, While England …TO HEAD WHARTON SCHOOL; Professor Balderston Is Named Dean of U. of P. DivisionName Nassau Bench Candidates$79,000 ADDED TO FUND; Building Trades and Electrical Industries Donate SumROCOCO AURA TINTS MILLINERY FINERY; Streamlined Wimples and Big Berets Stress Swirling Motif in New …WINTER FASHIONS SEEN IN PREVIEW; Divergence From Silhouette of Previous Seasons Noted at Arnold ConstableY.M.C.A. Coordinator Of Army, Navy ServiceEven Keel of Dairy Goods and Meats Reassures Apprehensive BudgeteersShelter Island Plans Blackout68 Pass Counselor TestTHE DAY IN WASHINGTONGAY HAT FASHIONS FOR FALL ON SHOW; Styles for Sophisticates, Chock Full of Colorful Trim, Yet Designed …FIRST POST CHAPEL BEGUN AT FORT DIX; Ground Broken for One of 12 Long Sought at the Camp by Army ChaplainsDR. E.L. ISRAEL IS NAMED; Becomes Executive Secretary of Hebrew Congregations UnionBrothers Meet in the NavyWARNS CONSUMERS OF CURB ON MARKET; Miss Elliott Tells Nutrition Group at Cornell Efficiency in Home …3 AIR INSTRUCTORS KILLED; Student Bails Out When 2 Planes Crash in GeorgiaDIES ATTACKS TEXAS POLL; He Says C.I.O. and Fifth Column Groups Worked to Defeat HimPRESIDENT NAMES 12 MAJOR GENERALS; Senate Gets List of 25 to Be Advanced to the Rank of Brigadier GeneralLeadership Fight EndsRESIGNS COMMISSION TO BECOME STUDENT FLIERNEW ARMY CONTRACTS CALL FOR $54,146,079; General Motors Gets Top Order for $27,000,000 GunsAIR FORCES’ SET UP AS STAFF IN ARMY; Air Corps Changes Name and Becomes Semi-Independent Under General ArnoldWarship Building Rate Outpaces Material FlowURGES US TO DECLARE WAR; New York Post Asks Immediate Action Against NazisCITY’S OWN ON FURLOUGH; 6,000 Men of 27th Division Start to Arrive HomeAverage Age of Officers Is CutREICH CONSULATE CLOSES ITS DOORS; Offices at 17 Battery Place Deserted After Employes Remove Last of RecordsC.I.O. COUNCIL HERE CHANGES WAR STAND; Its Executive Board Now Asks 4id to Russia, England and ChinaDEPORTATION HEARING FOR DR. RIETH PUT OFF; Possible Exchange for News Men Held in Germany SeenNew Barracks Being BuiltVICHY DOOMS DE LARMINAT; Sentences Free French African Commander, Seizes His Property500 PARTICIPANTS IN FIRST AID DRILL; Varied Red Cross Tests Staged on Governors IslandBorchers Gets Permit to SailArticle 11 — No TitleMines Laid in Approach To San Francisco BayArticle 12 — No Title30 Die in Hong Kong Minefield$8,237,000 RAISED IN USO CAMPAIGN; But Dewey Declares Fund Must Go ‘Way Over’ Original Quota of $10,765,000Article 9 — No TitleANTI-FASCIST CONVICTED; Man Guilty of Causing Disorder at Italian NewspaperTexts of Army Service BillsITALIAN PRESS VOICES THREATS ON ICELAND; Gayda Talks of War ‘Between Europe and United States’7 Found Dead in Mine BlastArticle 10 — No TitlePANAMA JUNGLE SECT IN BATTLE WITH POLICE; Reports Indicate Swiss Group Resented Official InquiryICELAND APPROVAL IS VOTED, 39 TO 3; Parliament Acts After Premier Gives Details of Agreement for U.S. …Article 7 — No TitleDELEGATES OF PERU, ECUADOR REACH U.S.; Flying to Washington for Parley on the Border ConflictBible Student to Head Training Among ChineseICELAND OCCUPATION ‘OFFENSIVE’ TO NAZIS; Doubt Expressed That U.S. Move Is Solely for Defense PurposesSENTIMENT FOR AID TO BRITAIN GROWS; 83% of Those Sounded Out In Gallup Test Say Reds’ Entry Has Not …ARSENAL’ IN HOME OF SPY RING SUSPECT; 6 Pistols, 9 Rifles, Shotgun and 100,000 Shells Seized in Mineola …HAAKON WARNS ON FINLAND; Tells Norwegians They Would Only Aid Nazis in Fighting ThereArticle 8 — No TitleCONGRESS MAY ACT ON ENVOY TO ICELAND; President Is Expected to Ask Funds for a LegationPREMIER PLEDGES ULSTER; Andrews Promises Cooperation if Base Is Held NecessaryGerman Tanks Have Advantage in Weight and Armor, Those of Russians in SpeedR.A.F. PLANES FIRE PLANTS AT AACHEN; West German City Blasted Through Night — Other Reich Centers Also BombedNAZIS CLAIM BAG OF FIFTY; Report 25 of R.A.F. Downed in Day and 25 Over WednesdayThree German Ships Sunk By Mines Off SwedenArticle 6 — No TitleYOUNG R.A.F. PILOTS SAFEGUARD BRITAIN; Youths, Used to War Hazards, Supported by Able Ground Service, …MANNERHEIM RALLIES FINNS TO FIGHT REDS; Russians Reported Giving Way in Kerelian IsthmusArticle 5 — No TitleJAPANESE TUNNEL OPEN; Bore Beneath Shimonoseki Strait Is Blown ThroughJAPAN WILL EXTEND ‘THOUGHT CONTROL’; Questions of Foreign Policy to Come Under Supervision of Police in AugustJAPAN HAILS IDEA OF U.S. FLEET MOVE; Would Welcome Transfer From Pacific to Atlantic as Step Toward HarmonyArticle 4 — No TitleCUBA BARS FALANGE MOVE; Propaganda Material Shipped by Madrid Bureau Is SeizedVICHY BANS ‘RED’ SONGS; Police Ordered to Seize Music and Arrest DistributorsBritish Envoy in ParleyRed Army Deeds ListedU.S. DENIES SIBERIA PLAN; Welles Sees German Propaganda in Japanese Press ReportsAustralia to Buy Meat SurplusBuying Up Thai RubberNAZIS PRESS JAPAN TO ATTACK SIBERIA; Ask Naval Move on Vladivostok, Army Drive Through MongoliaHITLER IS ASSAILED AT RED RALLY HERE; Speakers in Garden Say His Attack on the Soviet Union Has Added …Quake Felt in Arica, ChilePRESIDENT CONFERS WITH SOVIET ENVOY; They Talk for 45 Minutes on Nazi-Russian War and U.S. Help for MoscowNazi Air Force MassedReport Fighting in TallinnMATSUOKA SHAKEN BY TURN OF EVENTS; Japanese Foreign Minister’s Position Held Untenable in Face of Nazi-Soviet …Everything Laid WasteFierce Battles RagingLAUDS DEMOCRACY AS NEVER ALL DONE; Dr. Margaret Head Tells Club Federation Our Way Has an ‘Ever-Changing Goal’Snite Jr. Aids China ReliefBLACKOUT OF MANILA STAGED BY CIVILIANS; Test Proves Favorable, Despite Flood of MoonlightHungary Claims 25,000 PrisonersU.S. Naval Observer in CuracaoPENROSE TENNYSON KILLED; British Naval Officer, Kin of Poet, Husband of Nova PilbeamHALIFAX TO VISIT LONDON; Casts Doubt on Report He Will Quit as Envoy to Re-enter CabinetMEXICO ACCEPTS FORMULA; Approves Uruguayan Proposal on American States’ BelligerencyFORCED LABOR FOR JEWS; Rumania Requires Service From Young Folk of Both SexesMASS FOR PADEREWSKI; Vatican Uses Occasion to Hint at Its Support of PolandArticle 3 — No TitleBRITISH ENVOY DENIES TRIESTE WAR PLEDGE; Simovitch Stated ‘His Own View,’ Halifax Tells Mazzini SocietyNew Zealand Power Cut SeenSUBMARINES QUIT BALTIC; Nazis Said to Have Halted Ex- odus by Bombing the Stalin Canal400,000 PRISONERS CLAIMED BY NAZIS; Germans Describe Victory in Bialystok-Minsk Area, Which Was First …10 NURSES IN ICELAND, 8 OTHERS UNREPORTED; Red Cross Lists Whereabouts of Rescued U.S. WorkersHARD RUSSIAN WAR FORECAST IN ITALY; Germans Having Difficulties Dealing With ‘Brave Foe,’ Correspondent WritesITALY WIDENS ‘FREEZING’; New Decree Affects Funds of Americans Domiciled ThereBalthasar, Nazi Ace, KilledCHILEAN ‘WAR LAW’ TO CONTROL EXPORTS; Chamber Backs Measure for Sharp Curb on ShipmentsJune 29 Report RecalledSay British Refuse to Cease FiringBritish Continue OperationsNazi General Killed in ActionR.A.F. Attacks in SicilyFrenchBritishBritish Officials Fly to CanadaFree French Have Lost 1,200HungarianItalianGermanDamour Defenses PiercedArticle 1 — No TitleRussian23 VICHY WARSHIPS IN TURKISH REFUGE; Alexandretta Authorities Will Intern Craft Unless They Leave Within …HOUSE BANS CURBS ON DEFENSE LABOR; Smith Says ‘Goon Squads’ of C.I.O. Intimidated Members — Draft Age …Tank Attack on DamourSENATE APPROVES EXPANSION OF TVA; Unanimous Vote Favors Fund of $40,000,000 to Facilitate Rise in Aluminum …Front Page 2 — No TitleArticle 2 — No TitleIcelandic and ‘Irish’ Bases Assailed In Senate by Foes of Intervention; Taft Terms Landing ‘Act of War’ …Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.; BRITAIN PROMISES BIG BERLIN RAIDSNAPLES HAMMERED BY R.A.F. BOMBERS; Italians Report 14 Killed — Nazi Planes Raid Airport in Suez Defense ZoneDEMOCRATS OF CITY SPURN LA GUARDIA, DEFYING NEW DEAL; Regular Organizations Will Not Yield to Pressure …Suez Canal Zone Raided; NAPLES HAMMERED BY R.A.F. BOMBERSALL ARMY INCLUDED; Bills Permit Retention Until 6 Months After Emergency PassesActivity on the Fronts; RUSSIANS REPORT LULL IN THE WARVICHY SEES A HITCH IN TRUCE FOR SYRIA; British Deny Assertion That They Have Not Given Terms — Beirut …Moore-Brabazon Asserts U.S. Planes Will Be Used — He Suggests We Concentrate on the Output of Bombers, …6 British Planes ClaimedWEAPONS CHIEF AIM; Further Strengthening of Defense Machine Is Urged on CongressREDS SPRING TRAP; Hold German Losses in It Are 6,000 — Report 2 Other Forces BeatenFront Page 1 — No TitleBOTH SIDES REST CASE IN MAXWELL MURDER; Counsel for Man Who Fired Asks Mercy for DefendantHEADS RABBINICAL COUNCIL; Lookstein of Yeshiva College Elected as Conference EndsGeneral Lear RepliesDies 10 Minutes After BrotherPoor Form, » Says DirksenCOURT REDUCES VERDICT; American Castype Award Is Now Set at $672,960KERN DENOUNCES COUNCIL ATTORNEY; Attacks Ellis After Assertion He Had Not Served in Labor Party Group …FINED AS FIRE BRICK TRUST; Five Companies, 7 Officers and Trade Unit Plead No DefenseDIVORCES ROBERT P. GIBB; Former Molly Flagg Is Freed From Broker in RenoDEMOCRATS MOVE TO PICK CITY SLATE; Tammany Leader Sullivan and National Chairman Flynn Hold Conference …SOLOMON, MULLENS MAKE COURT PLEAS; Justice Cohalan Hears Request for Reasonable Doubt WritsEagle Sells Printing PlantEQUALITY URGED FOR U.S. YOUTHS; Dr. Strayer Declares Defense Includes an Educational Opportunity for All10 MINERS ARE SHOT IN ANTHRACITE RIOT; Company Police Fire at 1,500 Protesting Surface WorkUnions Row, Army Wiring HaltsUrges Frequent Jail InspectionBOMB’ FOUND IN PLANT; Device Discovered in Edison Powerhouse Taken to SeaWright Transfers AssemblingOYSTER BAY ESTATE IN NEW OWNERSHIP; 17-Acre Place of Herbert L. Smith on Centre Island Is Sold to G.F. …AXIS CONSULS TO GO ON NAVY TRANSPORT; West Point, Former Luxury Liner America, to Sail From Here on …CHILE GETS SHIP LINE; German Firm in Colombia Has Transferred OperationsA.C.L. Held Not a ‘Carrier’National Guard OrdersJERSEY ESTATE SOLD TO THE BELL SYSTEM; 6 Acres Are Adjacent to Buyer’s $3,000,000 LaboratoriesBronx Plant to Howard JohnsonPARKING LOT SOLD ON THE EAST SIDE; Cash Deal for Land Assessed at $250,000 Marks Return of Louis W. …FREIGHTER LEAVES WAYS TOMORROW; Santa Rita of Grace Line Will Be Named by Dorita Kirby, Daughter of …Army Orders and AssignmentsCASH SALE IN BROOKLYN; Apartment and Store Building Assessed at $9,500SPACE IS ACQUIRED FOR NEW MAGAZINE; Former Paris Publisher Leases Floor at 216-218 William St.CONFER ON HOG PRODUCTS; U.S., Canada and Britain Seek to Control Prices on War SuppliesUtility Rates ReducedREALTY FINANCINGIMPORTER LEASES PARK AVENUE FLAT; Cartoonist, Movie Actress and Physician Also Figure in Manhattan Rentals …House in Scarsdale BoughtChanges in Erie’s StaffREDUCTIONS GRANTED ON TAX VALUATIONS; D.A. Schulte, Inc., and Emigrant Bank Get Lower LeviesHOUSE ON WEST SIDE IS TAKEN BY INVESTOR; Louis Schlechter Pays Cash for Riverside Drive PlaceCOTTON IRREGULAR, WITH SMALL GAINS; Strong Opening and Climb in the Forenoon Are Erased by Late Liquidation …DIVIDEND NEWSCar Foremen to Hold OutingSHANGHAI YUAN STEADIES; Currency at 5.31 Cents Following Period of DeclinePower Output Lower Because of Holiday; Week’s Total Is 18.3% Ahead of Year AgoSilex Company’s OutlookCOFFEE EXPORTERS AWAIT VIEWS HERE; Brazilian Interests Turn Eyes on New York as Quotas and Values Are …FINANCIAL NOTESJUNE IRON OUTPUT BELOW OTHER MONTHS; Average Daily Production, However, Exceeded Only in MarchHeads Eastern Oil Royalty MenOrders Assets DistributedVALUATION OF BONDS RISES; Average Price 94.80 on June 30, Up 58 Cents in MonthCandidate for Congress Resigns From SEC StaffCLEVELAND PLACES LOAN OF $4,000,000; First National Bank of Chicago Heads Syndicate Winning 1 3/4s at …Subpoenas Again RefusedSales by Allied Kid Co.NEW CORPORATIONS LAG; 7,812 Chartered in Six Months, Against 8,934 a Year AgoSHORT INTEREST UP IN TRADING IN JUNE; Stock Exchange Reports Total of 478,859 Shares at End of the Month …Slab Zinc Stocks IncreasePirelli Shares SuspendedSETS UP AVIATION UNIT; Firestone Organizes Subsidiary Headed by L.K. FirestoneINCOME PAYMENTS ACHIEVE NEW PEAK; Outlay to Individuals in May Reported to Be at Annual Rate of $86,000,000,000. …NEWS OF MARKETS IN FOREIGN CITIES; Japanese Bonds Rise in London — Industrial and Other Shares Advance …Stocks Active in Amsterdam$891,457 IS EARNED BY OIL ENTERPRISE; Superior Company of California Reports $2.11 a Share in 9 Months …Berlin Market NarrowsTREASURY EXTENDS DEADLINE ON REPORT; Foreign-Owned Property Is to Be Disclosed by Aug. 30STAINLESS STEEL CARS; Construction to Be Started for N.Y. Central MondayTELEVISION CASE ENDS; Fifth Man Is Sentenced in Fraud Case That Lasted 2 YearsR.W. BROWN HEADS THE LEHIGH VALLEY; Post Goes to Vice President of Reading Company and Jersey Central RoadU.S. STEEL STOCK PLACED; 16,500 Shares of 7% Preferred Sold After MarketUnilever Manager NamedDUTCH CIRCULATION UP; 3,900,000-Guilder Rise in Week Puts Total at 1,682,500,000FINANCING PROGRAM FILED BY THE A.T. & T.; Final Step Preceding Issue of $234,000,000 Debentures …Stockholders of St. Regis Paper To Vote on Devaluation of Assets; Meeting in Watertown, N.Y., to Be …Warned on « When-Issued » Trades; A.T. & T. FILES DATA ON ITS DEBENTURESWoolworth Cuts Quarterly Dividend to 40c; Directors Act to Meet Heavier Tax BurdenMILLION-SHARE DAY AGAIN FOR STOCKS; But Advance of Prices on the Exchange Is Slowed — Curb Market Also …TOPICS IN WALL STREET1 1/8% NOTES TO BE OFFERED; $400,000,000 Commodity Credit Issue AnnouncedILLINOIS CENTRAL SELLS ‘EQUIPMENTS’; 56,920,000 of Certificates Go to Banking Syndicate at 98.7579 for 2sWHEAT IN CHICAGO HAS WEAK SESSION; Trend Is Down From the Opening, With Close at Losses of 1 1/4 to …75% of 590,527 Shares of Utility Stock Sold by Syndicate on First Offering DayNAVAL STORES$47,111,000 TO SUGAR MEN; Largest of 110,244 Producers in Control Plan Gets $614,643ARGENTINE BANK REPORTS; Gold Ratio Increased in Week — Change in AccountingCEILINGS OBSERVED BY ONE CLOTH MILL; Of 800 Units, Only Sheeting Maker Complies — Others Follow Contracts …PRIORITY RATING AIDS STEEL MILL IN BRAZIL; Goods Bought by $20,000,000 U.S. Loan to Be Sped by OPMAppointed Transfer AgentArticle 12 — No TitleLOCALLY DRESSED MEATSLIVESTOCK IN CHICAGO4 NATIONS TO STUDY WHEAT PLAN TODAY; Representatives of Producing Countries to Meet Those of United …Deterling Joins Cheney Bros.AGAIN HEADS DRESS BODY; Henry Silver Elected to Post for Fourth TimeSUGAR QUOTA 68% FILLED; Imports in First 6 Months Assure Supply Despite Ship ShortageGARMENT BOX RISE IS HELD JUSTIFIED; Baying Group Official Reports Sales Below List PricesFTC CHECKS PRICES IN FURNITURE FIELD; Chicago Market Hears Men Are Already in Factories to Curb Advances …BUTTER AND EGGS DECLINE; New Lows for the Season Are Set for Some FuturesNEW PRICE LINE DUE IN CHEAP DRESSES; Spine Houses to Drop $2.87 1/2 Bracket and Introduce a $3.37 1/2 …BOYS’ WEAR TRADE WARNED OF SHIFTS; OPACS Official Urges Meeting to Be Prepared to Adopt Substitute Materials …TO SUPPORT RETAIL WEEK; Local Stores Will Participate in ‘Retailers for Defense’SEEKS TO PUBLICIZE LATIN ‘UNDESIRABLES’; Merchants Group Wants U.S. to Circulate the ListAdvertising News and NotesTo Manage N.Y. Branch For Crosley DistributorsMAY WAIVE PRICE TOP ON SPECIAL LEATHERS; Hender son Says Hide Schedule Could Omit ‘Choice’ TannersFOOD INDEX AT NEW PEAK; Up 3 Cents to $3.09, Highest Level in More Than 11 YearsBusiness WorldCHAIN STORE SALES ROSE 16.9% IN JUNE; Gain Was Smaller Than in Two Previous Months, With Only Food Units …BUSINESS NOTES$10,000 Robbery at TrackWALL HOME FIRST WITH CODD RACER; Gino Rex Outfinishes Favored Corydon and Pays $8.60 — Kasidah Runs …WOOD, FIELD AND STREAMLooking Back at the StarsIDLE SUN ANNEXES TURF COURSE EVENT; War Minstrel, Stablemate, Is Destroyed After Mishap in Arlington RaceMISS FRY SCORES UPSET; Tops Miss Hart in Western Tennis — McNeill, Riggs WinRED BANK GETS CUP RACES; Power Boat Event to Be Held on Aug. 16 and 17Murray Joins Textile InstituteIOWAN HEADS COMMITTEE; Veenker Is Named Chairman of Football Safety GroupMANAMAID TAKES 4TH RACE IN ROW; Beats Boy Angler Easily in Suffolk Downs Feature and Returns $5.20MISS ROSENQUEST GAINS THIRD ROUND; Paces Advance of Stars in Girls’ Tennis Tourney at Amackassin ClubBanks Takes Auto FeatureCHAMPION DEFEATS CHANNING, 6-4, 6-1; Parker, After 8th Hemphill Cup, Easily Triumphs in Second-Round …BEARS TOP WINGS, 5-1, THEN BOW, 2-1, IN 13TH; Vandenberg Victor in Nightcap — Borowy Takes FirstCHANDLER TO PITCH FOR YANKS TONIGHT; Gatehouse Likely to Be Rival as Bombers Engage Browns on 3d Western …MISS JACOBS WINS IN STRAIGHT SETS; Beats Miss Heebner, 6-0, 6-0, to Gain 3d Round in Middle States Title …AMARK CONQUERS M’KEE AT TENNIS; Wins, 3-6, 7-5, 7-5, in Gaining Ocean City Quarter-Finals — Fishbach …VARGO, END, JOINS YANKEES; Platte and Tuckey Also Signed by New York Football ClubTOCZYLOWSKI WILL PLAY; Boston College Back to Be in East’s All-Star Line-UpEVERT TRIUMPHS, 6-0, 6-1; Eliminates Best in National Scholastic Title TennisBrooklyn Is Slated to Play Host To Next Year’s All-Star Contest; National League to Delay Its Announcement …PHILS PREVAIL, 15-0, IN GAME AT FORT DIX; Amass 18 Blows in Exhibition Against 44th DivisionFIVE NIGHT GAMES ON BASEBALL CARD; Three Nocturnal Tests in the American League — Two Are Listed for …MAURIELLO STOPS MAMAKOS IN NINTH; Bronx Fighter Prevails When Referee Halts Action in Ebbets Field Ring …TERRY PICKS THE DODGERS; Bases His Pennant Prediction on Trio of Mound AcesMRS. M’NAUGHTON GAINS GOLF PRIZE; Her 85 Takes Low Gross Award at the Rockaway H.C. — Net Goes to Mrs. …ROYALS TRIP JERSEY CITY; Take 6-3 Decision, With Head Recording Eleventh VictoryAl Davis Is ImprovingLynch and Kenny Box to DrawBurstans Won Golf HonorsFASHION SHOW SATURDAY; Young Women Will Be Manikins at East Hampton Jubilee FeteNEW SALON OPENS IN AIR OF SPLENDOR; Coty Spectacle in Sunken Plaza of Rockefeller City Dazzles 5th Avenue …CALIFORNIAN DOWNS OPEN TITLEHOLDER; Fry of Oakland Triumphs Over Wood by 6 and 5 in P.G.A. Tournament …VISITORS AT SOUTH SHORE RESORTMEDAL ANNEXED BY FORD; Green Valley Golfer Ties at 76, Then Wins Play-OffI BARBARA MYERS ENGAGED; Boonton Girl Will Be Married to Harry Peale Haldt Jr.Ruth-Coached Nine LosesPAGLIARO HEADS U.S. LIST; Tops Table Tennis Ranking for Second Successive YearJesserun Outpoints BrittonSantasiere Takes First Place In Ventnor City Chess Tourney; Gains Victory and Draw in Adjourned Games …Twin Sons to Eugene SomkinsLONG ISLAND CLUB HAS BRIDGE SERIES; Southampton Group Holds Its First Meeting of Season — Dinner Given …MARGARET BRADLEY ENGAGED TO MARRY _u_^^___uu__u. i; Vcrssar Alumna Fiancee of Gay Maynard Jr., Medical StudentSocial Activities in New York and ElsewhereMrs. Helen Brengle EngagedSon Born to Philip H. BradysWelluLeveneF.B. ODLUMS TO ENTERTAIN; Will Have the Grafe Carlisles as Week-End Guests in MontaukOcean TravelersNEWPORT PLANNING FOR ITS FIRST BALL; Event at Bailey’s Beach Will Follow Paine-Leidy Wedding on Saturday …BENSON FORD WEDS EDITH M’NAUGHTON; Grandson of the Henry Fords Marries Crosse Pointe Girl in Chapel …GADGETEERS HERE AND ANYTHING GOES; Inventors’ Exhibit Is Dedicated to the Proposition That Rube Goldberg …MISS BARRADALE TO WED; South Orange Girl Will Become Bride of Byron W. Wheeler Jr.STUDENTS LINKED BRAUNLICH TO REDS; Wrote Verses in Paper That He Found ‘Leftist Propaganda’ in Shakespeare’s …Miss Susanne Tavlor FianceeChild to Wolcott AndrewsesMARION ENID JACKSON WED IN CADET CHAPEL; Becomes Bride of Lieat. Walter E. Mother in West PointMiss Frances Aymar Child of Newark, N. J., Is Betrothed to Eugene Francis Schwerdt ___________ ,*,______________________.uuuu …Mrs. James N. Hill HostessELIZABETH COLES FIANCEE; Former Student at Vassar to Be Bride of Harry F. Langhorne2 Girls Drowned, 2 Others Are Rescued After Rowboat Capsizes in Lower BayTWA Will Increase ServiceMISS BYRNE WINS SCHOOL JOB FIGHT; Board Lifts Her 21-Month-Old Suspension, Grants Back Pay, but She Must QuitFood Price Rise ‘Accelerated’JOE LOUIS ANSWERS WIFE; He Denies Cruelty, Says Statement on Income Is UntrueA TRAVELING JURIST; Judge Hulbert to Go to Hancock, N.Y., in Railroad CaseWESTCHESTER SITE URGED FOR AIRPORT; Army Approves Tract in North Purchase and Supervisors Will Act on …FINED FOR STRIKING BOYS; Retired Police Sergeant Used Stick on Youngster, Court HearsFAMILY BRAWLS IN COURT; Woman Hits Brother-in-Law, Who Floors Her in BrooklynAND WHAT IS SO RARE?; Why, a Day in July as Perfect as That of YesterdayDEFICIT OF $716,146 REVEALED AT VERMONT; Report to Governor Shows University LossSTRIKE ‘RECESS’ AIDS CITY MILK SUPPLY; Return to Normal Is Likely by Tomorrow, Dr. Rice Says — Farmers …U.S. Gets Roger Kahn PlaneWILL TUTOR ALIENS IN AMERICAN WAYS; Immigration Service and WPA Hope to Educate 1,000,000, Combatting …MARINES AGAIN ENTER PENNSYLVANIA PLANT; Despite Strike, They Remove Asbestos Boards Needed by NavySHERIFF SEES WAYS TO SAVE AUTO FUEL; Fitzgerald of Queens Urges Better Traffic Light Control to Reduce StopsShifts Made in OPM Labor Group To Speed Up Defense Production; Reorganization, Affecting Training, Placement …SCOUT CHAPEL DEDICATED AT TEN-MILE RIVER CAMPWPA Will Make Defense IndexCAMPING OUT ON A MANHATTAN ROOFTOPCulloton to Get State Auto PostPHTT.TPPE GAUBEBTJOSEPH KURTZMRS. CHARLES B. GTTDEBRODObituary 1 — No TitleDR. HARVEY A. SURFACE; Professor of Nature Study at Susquehanna Once at CornellSEEK CLOSED SHOP ON STANDARD OIL; Maritime Union Joins With Petroleum Workers in Drive Involving 65,000 …Birth Notice 1 — No TitleLELANDJAMIESON, 37; AVIATOR AND WRITER; Eastern Air Lines Pilot Author of Magazine StoriesISAAC SIMMONSIRVING G. RICHEYMrs. JOSEPH HEFFRONMGR. JOHN F. RYAN; Pastor of Jersey City Church for 52 Years Dies in Rectory at 78MRS. ERNST D. RICHARDGUSTAVE W. SEILER; General Manager of Consolidated Coal Here, 41 Years in FieldDENNIS A. HORANTOMMY AITKEN IJOHN W. SAVAGE, 49, OF GENERAL ELECTRIC; Assistant to President Honored for Home-Wiring SystemSER EDWARD TKOTJPSIR OIEN LLOYD, 87, EX-BRITISH OFFICER; Retired Major Ceneraf, Who Served in Medical Service in Zulu; …SIGNOBA I/TJIGI BARZINISISTER CATHERINE; Charity Group Member, Once of North Bergen, Dies in ChinaCHARLES E. NESSLEGEORGE W. JONESLTJDWIG AGATEBERNARD G. KOETHERREV. ADOLPH F. SAAKGEORGE LAUTERBORN; Ex-Patrolman 45 Years on Force Without Day Off for IllnessLEOPOLD DEUTSCHBERGERWILLIAM PIERCE WATSON; j Mayor of Phillipsburg, N. J., Had ‘ Been a Silk ManufacturerMRS. M. M. GORNESRITES FOR SAM SCRIBNERJ; Service in Little Church Around the Corner TomorrowSIR WILLIAM WILLCOX, AN EXPERT ON POISONS; Pathological Advisei to British Home Office Since 1919C.J.CARROLLDIES; RAILROAD BUILDER; Graduate of . Yale Designed and Constructed Lines in Many Parts of …I JOSEPH HtJBERTY !Ancient Persians Wore PantsWILLIAM GUTHfflM, REALTY OPERATOR; President of Bing & Bingi Inc., Builder of Apartment Houses and …EDWARD A. HARLEY __________ i; Edison Pioneer, 70, Began With Electric Company Here at 13Move Against Hitler UrgedREV. C. D. BRESLEVBEHIND THE FRONTSMILLION-SHARE DAYSTopics of The TimesTHE STAB OF INTOLERANCETHE LAWN-MOWER’S SONGBACK TO THE MIDDLE AGESWAR’S END IN SYRIAHope for a Peaceful Europe; Count Sforza Believes It Can Come Only Through Common EffortWHAT NEXT FOR JAPAN?More Notes on the Progress of National Defense; By ARTHUR KROCKGarden Party to Aid ChinaCALLS NAZI DEFEAT VITAL TO ALL TRADE; Post-War Economics Requires We ‘Liquidate Imperialism,’ Bonn Tells …FREE MOVIES ARE OPENED; Hudson Guild Starts the 31st Season in Chelsea ParkUse of the Navy Advocated; Clearing Seas of Nazi Menace Viewed as Important to Our WelfareBooks of the TimesOf Local OriginBooks — AuthorsOPERA STOCK PRICE SET; Court Confirms $75 a Share as Fixed by 2 of 3 AppraisersGOOSSENS CONCLUDES STADIUM CONDUCTING; ‘ London Symphony’ by Williams and the ‘Eroica’ on Program7,500 HEAR PAUL ROBESON; Sings Two New Works at Record Robin Hood Dell ConcertArt Display at Cooper UnionP.M. PLANT’S WILL IS FILED; Only Cash Bequests Are $150,000 to Wife and $5,000 to ValetHeads Spanish War VeteransTHE SCREENTWO PLAYERS CAST FOR ‘LET’S FACE IT’; Eve Arden and Benny Baker Receive Roles in Musical Headed for …GUGGENHEIM HONORED BY GOLDMAN CONCERT; 22,000 Present at the Memorial Program for PhilanthropistSCREEN NEWS HERE AND IN HOLLYWOOD; Universal to Feature Abbott and Costello in ‘Flying Cadets,’ Aviation …STADIUM DANCE PROGRAMS; Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo to Appear Three Nights Next WeekGershwin Concert in CapitalCHURCHILL RECEIVES MANUSCRIPT OF POEM; Original of Clough Verse, Quoted in Broadcast, Given by PublisherICKES AGAIN ASKS EAST TO SAVE OIL; Requests Governors of Sixteen States to Lead a Voluntary Reduction …New Submarine Is LaunchedCALLS FOR SHARING LEAD IN FASHIONS; Federation Speaker Says Los Angeles Leads in Sports Clothes, New …Dr. Tesla 85 Years Old TodayAUTO COMMITTEE OF 11 NAMED TO ASSIST OPM; First Appointments Are Made to Industrial Consultant GroupTrylon Helps to Arm ArmyDraft Boards Assigning Serials to RegistrantsMAYOR SEES GAINS FOR CITY IN SEAWAY; He Tells House Hearing General Trade Increase Would Offset Traffic …Destroyer Output 100 a Year in 1943, Admiral Robinson Tells Senate GroupGoodies, in Serviceable Containers, Solve the Gift-for-Hostess ProblemCOUNTY LEGION CONVENES; Election of Officers Will Take Place at Session TodaySing Sing Keeper to RetireANTI-STRIKE BILL DRAWS HOUSE FIRE; Mrs. Norton Calls May Measure ‘Labor Baiting’ — Baldwin Links Unrest …Hoffman Asks A.E.F. ReferendumWill Make Shell CasingsGLIDERS UP 6 HOURS IN SOARING CONTEST; One Flies 182 Miles, From Elmira to Staten Island18 IN 44TH TO TRAIN FOR COMMISSIONS; Men Will Be Sent to Officers’ Schools at Forts Benning and Sill …SUMMER COAL BUYING URGED AS DEFENSE AID; Consumers Counsel Wants Load Lightened for RailroadsDEFENSE TRANSPORT DUTY OF NEW GROUP; Committee Here to Handle Traffic on Regional Basis’ Raid’ Is Repulsed by Fort Hancock Troops, But ‘Enemy,’ ‘Traitors’ Do Serious DamagePRESIDENT’S MOTHER AND WIFE ESCAPE CRASHState Police to Train Army M.P.Falling Wall Kills Girl, 3DEFENSE AID BY RFC IS NEARLY 3 BILLION; Rubber Cost $190,000,000, Metal Stock $623,000,000, Others $110,000,000 …DONOVAN WILL TAKE INFORMATION POST; Colonel ‘Will Soon Be Named Coordinator of Intelligence for the …HEADS EMPIRE BOYS’ STATE; Niagara Falls Lad Is Elected After Nomination Mix-UpLeon Henderson Quits SEC Job to Give His Full Time to Price AdministrationU.S. PLANES AT SEA SCARE 223 ON SHIP; But ‘It Looked Good’ to See American Craft, Captain of the Excambion …109 VESSELS IN ALL TAKEN FOR DEFENSE; 995,146 Gross Tons Are Given to Army and NavyWILL ASK CONGRESS FOR FUNDS THIS WEEK; Roosevelt Is Seeking More for Defense and Aid ProgramsIsland Likened to British Port6 U.S. NURSES LOST AS 2D SHIP IS SUNK; Red Cross Volunteers Sailing to Britain Are Missing After Torpedoing …Bill Urges Harbor Tube SurveyWillkie Hits at IsolationismNAZIS ASSAIL U.S. ON STEP IN ICELAND; Roosevelt Seeking War, Press Says, but It Is Held Doubtful Hitler …THE DAY IN WASHINGTONUrges Bid for War DeclarationCHURCHILL ASSAILS TALK BY WHEELER; Premier Says in Personal Word to Roosevelt His Statement Threatened …C.G. Allen Led Stowe ServicesReprisals Held JustifiedArticle 10 — No TitleUSO WILL AID MEN SENT TO ICELAND; It Will Collaborate With Similar Canadian Group, Lawrence Announces …Dies in Stairwell PlungeCIVILIANS INVITED TO JOIN FIRE DRILL; Department Begins Training Tomorrow of 30,000 City Men in Auxiliary …Article 11 — No TitleBill for Army ‘Purge’ Approved by SenatorsSPAIN REVEALS U.S. MOVE; Publishes News of Occupation of Iceland — Precedent FearedWife of Nazi Consular Aide Here Seized In $13,475 Gem Theft From Nassau WomanAMERICANS UNLOAD GEAR AT REYKJAVIK; People Look on With Interest as Troops Disembark to Begin the Occupation …Miss Le Hand ImprovedAxis Planes ScoutLehman Urges SubstitutionsTwo French Vessels InternedU.S. Role LimitedAustralians Sweep AheadFree French AnnouncementAll Columns ProgressTanker Takes Extra Oil LoadCommons Told of PleaNew Kitchen Course OpensULTIMATUM GIVEN BEIRUT DEFENDERS; British General Demands That Capital of Lebanon Be Declared Open City …KEYNES LIKES TAX PLAN; British Economist Says He Will Suggest Prepayment at HomeRESERVE GENERAL OUSTED; R.C. Marshall Accused of Taking $31,816 Contract FeesWhile a Climax Takes Shape in Russia Britain Forces Vichy to Ask a TrucePresented to Ecuador3 NATIONS PROPOSE LATIN BORDER PLAN; U.S., Argentina, Brazil Ask Peru and Ecuador to Call Truce, Withdraw …ASKS SUBSTITUTES IN PLACE OF TIN; Report to OPM Says Consumption of Metal Could Be Cut Three-Quarters …Third Party Danger’ SeenSpain Would MediateGIFTS TO USO ARE EXEMPT; Revenue Bureau Rules Contributions Deductible From IncomeARGENTINE GROUPS CLASH ON GALA DAY; Supporters of Democracy Take Exception to Fascists — Army Units in ParadeArticle 9 — No TitleNAZI AGENT IN SHANGHAI; Former Operator in Americas May Be Envoy to WangDR. POLING OFFERS WORLD PEACE PLAN; He Urges Christian Endeavor Society to Campaign for 7-Point Program …King Has Fewer Smokes During British ShortageHUNTED SERGEANT DIES OF PISTOL SHOT; Morrison Field Man Had Left With Squadron’s $600Roosevelt Sends MessageEXHIBITS AID RECRUITING; Army Provides Displays of Old Arms and UniformsAIDED 4 SOLDIERS, DELAYED IN FRANCE; U.S. Citizen, Back on Clipper, Tells How He Was Questioned Ten …CLOSING DAY AT GERMAN CONSULATE HEREWAR CAPTIVE’S LOT IS SEEN IMPROVED; Y.M.C.A. Expert, Here After a Tour of Camps in Europe, Says Morale …NAZIS CLAIM 36 OF FOE; Report 17 as Daylight Toll on Top of 19 in Previous 24 HoursJAPANESE MEETING RESISTANCE IN SOUTH; Chinese Report Counter-Moves on Coast of FukienKnights of Columbus ElectsLOST WITH H.M.S. KELLY; Son of Duchess of St. Albans Was a Lieutenant CommanderTraitor Hanged in BritainASKS 2D PANAMA FLIGHT; Pan American Airways Seeks to Increase Daily Miami RunAWARDS $501,677,569 IN PLANE CONTRACTS; The Army Also Gives Ford a $106,000,000 Engine JobNazis List TargetsNAZIS EASE RAIDS ON BRITAIN AGAIN; Bombers Fly Over in Small Numbers After Two Nights of Heavier Assaults …Article 6 — No TitleOPM GRANTS PRIORITY TO BRAZIL STEEL MILL; 250 to 300 Concerns Here Will Aid in Building New PlantHolds Irish Liable to DraftAim to Take LeningradArticle 8 — No TitleEDEN SCORES WODEHOUSE; Tells Commons Author Lends Services to Nazi PropagandaLAG IN WAR OUTPUT ASSAILED BY M. P’S; Flier Tells the Commons of His Difficulties Because of Shortages …Government Lists Gains14,000 ON FURLOUGH AT FORT M’CLELLAN; Thirteen Trains Taking Soldiers of 27th to Homes for 10 DaysArticle 7 — No TitleITALY LISTS WAR LOSSES; Casualties for 13 Months Put at 255,361 MenBRITISH MATERIALS ON WAY TO RUSSIA; Ministry Announces Supplies in Large Quantities Will Be Sent to …VICHY COLLABORATION WITH NAZIS WIDENED; Darlan Believed to Be Extending Cooperation on Paris VisitGERMANS RETICENT ON RUSSIAN FRONTS; High Command Says Battles ‘Progress Successfully,’ but It Gives …U.S. Mechanics Reach SingaporeMRS. WINANT HAILS THE SPIRIT OF WALES; Presents Ambulances Donated by Welsh Group in New YorkRed Army Deeds ListedO’Hara Estate Shrinks to $193Leningrad Defenses FirmRussians Reported WeakGain Near Murmansk ListedMessage on CaptureRe-elected by Catholic WomenHungarianArticle 5 — No TitleFinnishRUSSIAN SAYS NAZIS USED 10,000 TANKS; Vice Commissar Reveals First Attack Caught Reds Unawares but Prepared …RussianSteinhardt Sees MolotoffGermanArticle 3 — No TitleItalianPortugal Bolsters Azores AnewRUSSIA’S FOOD SEEN AS HITLER PROBLEM; Policy of Starvation Held Only Way He Can Get SuppliesVICHY NOTIFIES BRITONS; Gives Them Choice of Areas in Which They May ResideR.A.F. ATTACKS GREECE; Raids Targets at Eleusis and on the Island of CreteBritishU.S. DEMANDS ITALY SPEED EXIT VISAS; Embassy Urges Permission to Depart Be Given as Is Done for Italians …Article 4 — No TitleGERMAN PLANES RAID AIRPORT AT MATRUH; Report Hits on Troops at Base in Egypt — Malta AttackedArticle 1 — No TitleU.S. Officers « Surprised »RUSSIANS BOLSTER THEIR CENTER LINE; 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 Men Being Rushed Into the Fight, According …Constanta Badly DamagedNewfoundland Governor to StayTwo New Nazi PushesArticle 2 — No TitlePALESTINE FUND SOUGHT; Campaign for u250,000 Opened in London by Jewish GroupDrive Reported BrokenDanish Newsboys Jeer Nazi-Censored PressItalian-Reich Boundary In Yugoslavia Is FixedFront Page 1 — No TitleFRENCH NEGOTIATE; Say They Cannot Send Reinforcements to the ‘Unequal’ Combat. U.S. AIDE IS INTERMEDIARY …Front Page 2 — No TitleBRITISH WILL KEEP FORCES IN ICELAND; Churchill Says They Will Work With U.S. Units There — Sees Two …BATTLE AT OSTROV; Red Army Reports Foes Pounded Back — Nazis Claim the Town FIGHTING GROWS FIERCER …Wheeler Speech in Atlanta Today Postponed When Council Refuses Use of Municipal HallSIX TOWNS CLAIMED BY FINNS AND NAZIS; Russian Border Penetrated — Helsinki Suffers From Soviet Bombing …Generous Terms Offered; FRENCH NEGOTIATE FOR SYRIAN TRUCE MAY AID IN TRUCEAIR RAIDS ON REICH WIDENED BY R.A.F.; Bombers Fly 1,100 Miles in Blasting Leuna — Muenster, Hamm and …New Draft Lottery Is Set for July 17JUNE PLANE OUTPUT REACHES 1,476 PEAK; OPM, Army, Navy and Industry Join in Move to Assure Labor Stabilization …KNOX HINTS NAVY HAS SHOOTING RIGHT IN SEA LANE PATROL; Quotes Roosevelt’s Message on Occupation of Iceland …WILLKIE DECLARES WE REQUIRE BASES IN NORTH IRELAND; And We Should Also Have Them In Scotland, He Asserts …Lieut. Gen. Lear Is Criticized in Congress For Punishing Troops Shouting to Girls; ‘ YOOHOO SQUAD’ AT …TERRIFIED’ BY MURDER; Maxwell Case Defendant Says He Was Too Scared to WithdrawHeads Jersey Health BoardSHERIFF’S AIDE KILLED; L.B. Errickson of Millville Dies, Wife and Girl Hurt in CrashCOURT ORDER PUTS LOUISIANA IN STEW; Invalidating of Jones Reform Law Reopens Old Row With the Old Long MachineBYRNES TAKES OATH OF HIGH COURT POST; Wife of Justice and 60 Others Attend Simple Ceremony in Roosevelt’s …Sleepers at Rye Ask Curb on Playland Noise; 10 P.M. Curfew Urged on Coasters, ‘Octopus’REPAIRS ORDERED FOR ITALIAN SHIPS; Three in Southern Ports Will Be Sent to Drydock — Work Will Now …KLEIN NOMINATED FOR CONGRESS SEAT; Democrats of 14th District Pick SEC Lawyer to Run as Edelstein Successor …Police DepartmentSpeaks at N.Y.U. Session, TodayMINE CAMP SLIDE HALTS; Virginia Coal Miners Uneasy as 50 Homes Are MenacedDEATH RATE IN CITY IS BACK TO NORMAL; Recent Rise, Due to Excessive Heat, Seems to Have EndedArmy Orders and AssignmentsBolts Start Fire, Call FiremenROAD INQUIRY STAFF ENLARGED IN JERSEY; Six Lawyers Appointed to Aid Hinds in Investigation2 BRONX PROPERTIES PURCHASED FOR CASH; Deal Involves Building of 101 Suites and 6 StoresManhattan Plan Filings Show Sharp Drop in ’41LEASES OF SUITES COVER WIDE FIELD; Park and Fifth Avenues Are Popular With Searchers for Apartments …REALTY FINANCINGALTERED FLATS LEASED; Houses on West 76th and West 17th Sts. Are RentedCASH DEALS HEAD MANHATTAN SALES; Apartment House and Private Dwelling Near Fifth Avenue Get New Owners …FOUR DWELLINGS BOUGHT; Leases of Long Island Residences Are Also ReportedMt. Kisco Business Site SoldTAX ASSESSMENTS CUT; Reductions Made on Broadway and Riverside Drive BuildingsAPPAREL INDUSTRY GROWS IN MIDTOWN; Business Rentals Reveal Old Firm Expanding and New Ones Being BornLIVESTOCK IN CHICAGOReports Building, Savings UpLOCALLY DRESSED MEATSREACTION IN COTTON PARES STRONG RISE; 30 to 35 Point Gains in the Afternoon Are Cut to 11 to 19 in Late …Becomes Savings Bank TrusteeForeign Exchanges QuietFutures Decline on ExchangeBANK STATEMENTLOAN OF $10,000,000 SET FOR DAIRY GROUP; Fund Available if Needed to Stabilize Batter PriceNAVAL STORESNEW SEASONAL TOP REACHED IN WHEAT; Close Shows Gains of 1 1/2 to 2 1/8 Cents a Bushel, With the July …SEAWAY PROJECT OPPOSED; New York Produce Exchange Votes Against Expenditures NowCUTS COMMISSION RATES; Los Angeles Exchange Adopts Schedule Same as New YorkReports Defense-Bond PlanPETROLEUM STOCKS RISE; Total of 259,399,000 Barrels on June 28 ReportedFINANCIAL NOTESSTOCK EXCHANGE NOTESWILL BROADEN OPERATIONS; U.S. Rubber Company Is Authorized by Stockholders’ Vote20-YEAR LOW MARK TALKED FOR COTTON; Crop May Be the Smallest Since 1921, Production Men Comment BASED …ON BANK BOARD IN NEWARK; Albert B. Draks Is Elected by the National StateVisit Continental Can PlantsERIE ASKS MERGER OF SUBSIDIARY LINE; Trustees Seek I.C.C. Permission to Buy and Absorb the Chicago & …Train to Run Until Sept. 27Elected to Directorate Of Aircraft BuilderRECEIPTS OF GOLD DECLINE; $5,731,840 in Week to July 2, Against Previous $9,375,835NEW OFFICERS ANNOUNCED; Copperweld Steel Changes Due to Defense OrdersDinner for W.J. WardallSECURITIES OF U.S. ADVISED FOR BANKS; August Ihlefeld Jr. Calls Liens Safest and Most Liquid of Earning …Ends 50 Years’ Service In Lincoln Savings BankPRODUCTION OF OIL DECLINES IN WEEK; Daily Average of 3,658,200 Barrels Is Drop of 189,050 — Decrease …Prices Steady in AmsterdamALLEGHENY COUNTY AWARDS $1,000,000; Subdivision Around Pittsburgh Sells Temporary Loan Notes at 0.333% …REGISTRATION REVOKED; SEC Denies Request of Monroe Marks for WithdrawalNEWS OF MARKETS IN FOREIGN CITIES; Government Stocks in London Rise — Supply Becomes Scarce — Industrials …BOND NOTESHOLDINGS IN UTILITY TO BE DISTRIBUTED; 225,000 Class A Shares of Indianapolis Water Are Priced at $13.75 …Market Dull in BerlinBANK OF JAPAN REPORTS; Notes and Government Bond Holdings Decreased in WeekTESTS DECISION OF SEC; American Gas and Electric Asks Review by CourtDOHERTY ESTATE WINS $526,645 JUDGMENT; U.S. District Court Rules in Suit Against Cincinnati BanksCANADIAN INCOME PUT AT 6 BILLIONS; Bank of Nova Scotia Bases Its 1941 Estimate on the 1940 Figure, $5,430,000,000 …Payment by Railroad CreditN.Y. AIR BRAKE CO. CLEARS $1,121,446; Six-Month Net Is Equivalent to $4.33 a Share, Against $3.21 to …Six-Day Week OrderedCAR-BUILDING POOL FOR FREIGHT URGED; Budd and Pelley to Get Outline of Plan Today Involving 330,000 …AMERICAN EXPORT LINES; Made $2,654,188 in March Quarter — $1,200,037 Year BeforeOTHER CORPORATE REPORTSPLANE PLANT ACTS TO DOUBLE OUTPUT; Colgate-Larsen Aircraft Announces Major Revision Affecting Defense …Continental Bank, Trust Elects Board ChairmanITS CHARTER AMENDED; Consolidated Film Industries May Now Purchase StockName Changed by Utility40,290 Shares of the National City Bank Are Sold Over the Counter Within an HourSTOCK OF UTILITY ON MARKET TODAY; 590,527 Common Shares of San Diego Gas and Electric Priced at 14 3/8 …Supplies to Jersey RefineriesArticle 6 — No TitleTANKERS AND ROADS CUT OIL STRINGENCY; Heavier and Quicker Transits Reflected on the Eastern Seaboard, …SHAREHOLDERS ASSESSED; Railroad to Raise $100,000 for Payment to RFCLack of Treasury’s Form Stays Disclosure of Foreign Accounts; No Questionnaires Received by Banks Here …TOPICS IN WALL STREETInsurance Companies Pay $1,116,084,000 To Beneficiaries, Policyholders in 5 MonthsTRADING IN STOCKS HEAVIEST OF YEAR; Turnover on Exchange Passes Million Shares First Time — Curb Similarly …COAT GROUP TO STUDY TRENDS IN MATERIALS; May Have to Seek Extended Deliveries on Tight LinesREPORT BIG MARKET FOR BRITISH GOODS; Retailers’ Study Finds Volume Sales Likely for 100 Items in Nine …FAILURES DROP IN 4 LINES; Only Group to Show Increase Was Wholesale DivisionHope for Ban on Liquor TaxURGES PROTECTION FOR DRESS DESIGNS; Judge Inch Asks State Law to Curb Piracy of Styles, and Outlines …R.H. Macy to Shift BuyersBUSINESS NOTESLABELING ACT FEARED; Clothiers Expect the Public Will Demand Only ‘All-Wool’RUG RISE HELD JUSTIFIED; Makers Insist They Can Prove It to Leon HendersonREPORT JAPANESE FEAR U.S. SHIP BILL; Foreign Traders Consider This the Reason for the Recall of Vessels …Fabric Claims Banned$33,925,004 for LeasesH.L. REDMAN JOINS BEAUTY SHOP CHAIN; Will Direct Liaison Service for Seligman & LatzBusiness WorldAdvertising News and NotesFURNITURE STORES PLEDGE PRICE AID; Retail Group Assures OPACS Members Will Cooperate in Reasonable Plan …BOYS’ WEAR TRADE IN LABELING SNARL; Convention Hears That Retail Interpretations Differ From Those of …Henry Glass to Move UptownG.M. SALES SET HIGHS FOR JUNE, 6 MONTHS; Volume in First Half Ran 31% Ahead of the 1940 PeriodJERSEY CITY WINS AFTER 5-2 SETBACK; Giants’ 16-Hit Attack Downs Royals, 13-4, in Nightcap — Martin …C.V. WHITNEY COLT IS FIRST IN SPRINT; Sky Raider, Son of Man o’ War and Top Flight, Makes Fast Finish …Polo Put Off Till TomorrowFrontier Model Annexes Sprint, Beating Button Hole by a Nose; King Ranch Color Bearer Runs Six Furlongs …Paperboard Output Off in Holiday Week; Orders Also Drop, but Backlogs IncreaseSUN AGAIN TAKES BROOKFIELD PURSE; Wins Dash at Arlington Park, With Some Chance, Stable-Mate, Finishing …SHIPP BEATS FALKENBERG; Loser Extends Foe to 3 Sets Despite Broken Left ArmARMY’S CONTRACTS IN DAY $89,097,534; American Locomotive Co. Gets $26,725,000 Order to Build Tanks $150,734,088 …$150,734,088 in Intent LettersMAURIELLO BOUT SET FOR TONIGHT; Showers Cause Delay of One Day in Meehan’s Inaugural Card at Ebbets …Miss Germain Takes Golf TitleStar Gazing by Daylight in DetroitNEWARK DEFEATED BY ROCHESTER, 4-1; Gornicki Is Red Wings’ Star, Scattering Eight Blows in Seventh TriumphMRS. M’NAUGHTON IS VICTOR WITH 81; Eastern Champion Tops Field of 112 in Women’s Golf Event at North …RUBIO OUTPOINTS TROISE; Takes 8-Round Queensboro Bout — Klang Stops FloresVIRGINIAN TRIUMPHS ON LINKS WITH 138; Snead Shoots Another 69 for Four-Under-Par Total to Top P.G.A. …TRACYS WIN WITH 78 IN FATHER-SON GOLF; Gedney Team Annexes Laurels in Westchester Title Event on Century …NEWS OF WOOD, FIELD AND STREAMCatches 20-Pound Lake TroutDAVIS IN ARMY HOSPITAL; Fighter Transferred to Fort Jay — No Report on ConditionA New DiMaggio Feat11 ALL-STAR RECORDS ARE SET AT DETROIT; Vaughan Figures in Five New Marks for the ClassicTennis Delayed AgainMIAMI ACE VICTOR IN STRAIGHT SETS; Mulloy Defeats Chamberlain by 6-2, 6-3 After Gaining First-Round …AMARK WINS TWICE AT OCEAN CITY NET; Defeats Lacey and Cathrall as Atlantic Coast Tennis OpensRecord by French SwimmerParker Routs Mako, 6-2, 6-2, 6-0, In Eastern Clay Court Net Final; Continues Brilliant Tennis in Match …PINKUS ADJOURNS MENGARINI MATCH; Manhattan Club Chess Star Escapes Tight Situation in Ventnor City Play …SOUTHERN TITLE TO RIGGS; McNeill Bows in 5-Set Match — Dee and Wade Also PrevailWhirlaway to Run TuesdayFORTY-NINERS OPEN IN WHITE MOUNTAINS; At the Chase Barn Playhouse for Their Eighth SeasonDYKES SUSPENSION DUE TO BE LIFTED; Harridge Indicates White Sox Pilot Will Resume Guiding His Team Tomorrow …GIVES CONCERT IN CAPITAL; Primrose String Quartet Begins Outdoor Chamber SeriesWILLIAMS’S HOMER DECIDES 7-5 GAME; Ted’s Hit With Two On, Two Out in Last of Ninth Wins for American …Hunt Named Greenhaven WardenTO HONOR GUGGENHEIM; Goldman Band to Give Memorial Concert on Mall TonightWill Name Planes for CitiesArticle 5 — No TitleFELLER SPEEDBALL CHECKS NATIONALS; Frey Gets Only Hit Off Bobby, Then Is Caught Off First — Wyatt Faces …Gleeful Mates Lionize Williams In Clubhouse Victory Celebration; Red Sox Star Flustered by Attention …Boy Is Killed by TrainParole Barred for AnnenbergPIATIGORSKY PLAYS SCHUMANN WORK; Offers A Minor ‘Cello Concerto With New York Philharmonic at Lewisohn …LIFE WITH FATHER’ TO GIVE 700TH SHOW; With Tonight’s Performance Comedy Moves Into 14th Position in …INGRID BERGMAN TO STAR; Will Appear in Stage Revival of ‘Anna Christie’ for SelznickOf Local OriginSAM H. HARRIS LEFT ESTATE TO HIS WIDOW; 3 Actor Groups and 2 Orphans’ Homes Get $2,500 EachWHITNEY GOES FREE ON PAROLE AUG. 11; Ex-Head of Stock Exchange to Be Manager of Dairy Farm ’100 Miles …Bert Lahr to Be Featured in ‘I’m Dying to Live’ — ‘Time Out for Rhythm’ Opens at RialtoMAN, 73, DIES IN CAVE-IN; Buried by Debris in a Deserted Building in BrooklynTo Aid Treasury DepartmentFLAG LOVER VINDICATED; Magistrate Tells Him He May Erect It on Coney BeachDEMOCRATS START MAYORALTY TALKS; Kelly Confers With Flynn — Bipartisan Ticket to Fight La Guardia Opposed …COURT BLOCKS TAX ON MORGAN LIBRARY; Justice McLaughlin Rules It Is Public Institution and Exempt From …LOST GIRL FOUND AT WORK; Naval Officer’s Daughter, Sought by Police, a Servant HereJURY DUTY REAL JOB; Court Clerk Backs Man Who Gave Employment as Juror7 IN FAMILY IN HOSPITAL; Man, Wife and Five Children Are Taken From Flushing HomeVETERAN, 70, JOINS CCC; He Passes Physical Test That 28 Young Men FailedFOILS THEATRE HOLD-UP; Woman Cashier Ignores Threats — Gives Alarm — Saves $2,000RADIO RECEPTION BETTER; Short Wave Listeners Believe Solar Storm Nears EndTROOPS HIKE HOME, HEAR LEAR REBUKE; They Pay for Yelling at Girls in Shorts by Riding and Walking 150 MilesPatrolmen’s Chief InstalledRECESS’ IS CALLED IN THE MILK STRIKE; County Chairmen of Farmers’ Union at Utica Agree to Follow Young …Rains Halt Fires in AdirondacksEX-AIDE OF LEPKE HELD IN HIGH BAIL; Former Official of Union Has Knowledge of Murder, Prosecutor Asserts …Services for Fireman HeroSAYS CITY TUTORS TAUGHT RED IDEAS; Canning Swears at Trial of Braunlich That Communists Preached Class …BOY, 2, STARTS CAR AND HITS 5 OTHERS; Prosecutor’s Son, Left in Auto by Mother, Turns On Ignition, Has …2 Die in Army Air CrashCol. Olds Receives Aviation League’s Medal For Good-Will Flights to Latin AmericaNAMED BY ’98 VETERANS; C.H. Rohrer of Rochester Is Nominated for State ChiefProud American’s Note to President Stirs Him, So He Reads It to Press; Young Missouri Father Tells How …MULCAHY IS INDUCTED; Sworn In as U.S. Marshal by Judge Knox — Term Is 4 YearsObituary 1 — No TitleU.S. AGENCY ACTS TO AID DAIRYMEN; Farm Security Administration Adopts Plan to Supply Hay and Grain to …MANGANO MADE LEADER; Kings Sheriff Elected Member of Democratic CommitteeMARBLES TOURNEY OPENS; Pennsylvania Lad Shows Promise in Wildwood ContestMother, Daughter Found DeadBirth Notice 1 — No TitleWILLIAM AYEBSSISTER MARY DTJRKINI. LEWIS HTJBBAKDARTHUR A. REIMER; Former Chief Engineer of East Orange Water DepartmentL L. GALLAGHER, 58; STAGE EXECUTIVE; Managed Bernard Shaw Plays for Arnold Daly in 1906u Dies at Home …Justice Nova’s Aunt DiesFRED L. BBIDGMANPROF. WOODRUFF, LONG AT CORNELL;  » Former Dean of Law School and Professor Emeritus Dies at 78 in Ithaca oi JUAN DE DIGS MATUSDR. WILLIAM T. B. MITCHELL; Medical Director of the Mental Hygiene Institute of MontrealLIEUT. GEORGE S. SCOFIELD; Squadron A .Member Dies of Foot Infection at ManoeuvresMARTIN Y. BERGEN, LAWYER, ATHLETE; Former Football and Baseball Player at Princeton, Famous as Backfield …COL. EDWIN G. BABCOCKPRESIDENT WARNS ON NEED FOR UNITY; His Message Read at Christian Endeavor Convention — Stassen Is HonoredSAMUEL L. ANKER; Ford Official Ex-Superintendent of Shipping for Several YearsBrooklyn Play Area FinishedI uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I DR. F. E. KITTREDGEFRANK T. ELLISON; Rochester Real Estate Man Who Gave City Park DiesI ELMER DOWNSSAMA.SCRIBNER.82, THEATRE MANAGER; Organizer of Burlesque Shows and Actors Fund Official Dies in Bronxville …Connecticut Alters Auto TagsFuneral Set for FridayCrickets Eating the HearthHAPPY CHOICENew Patriotic Song BroadcastNONDEFENSE SPENDINGTopics of The TimesThe Results of Our Thinking Thus Far »How North Hatley Did ItSTEPHEN BOLLES, 75, NEW DEAL FOE, DIES; Wisconsin Representative, an Ardent Republican, Also Fought …DISHONEST AUTO SERVICEICELAND MUST BE HELDPAN-AMERICAN PEACEEXPANDING BANK CREDITTHE NEW WARDENCROSS-CHANNEL BOMBINGSHitler Seen as Sole Issue; Isolationist Arguments for Peace Are Regarded as Out of DateLiberty Needs GuardingInquiry Suggested on OilMilk Strike Action Opposed; Dairy Farmer Holds Artificial Factors Rule Price SituationUnfair Solicitation ChargedREVIVES TUNNEL PLAN; Edison Urges Funds for South Jersey Vehicular TubeSTRICT DISCIPLINE BY SCHOOLS URGED; Russell of Teachers College Advocates Program Based on Cooperation …Books of the TimesNotes on Books and AuthorsMiss Evelyn Carolan a BrideA GIFT FOR ‘FIGHT INFANTILE PARALYSIS’ CAMPAIGNINFORMATION GIRLS LEARN ABOUT THE CITY; 31 Get Lecture on How to Help Service Men HereSEES DEFENSE LINK IN SOUTH’S NEEDS; Jonathan Daniels Tells Educators Problems of Democracy at Home Are …Ease Border Crossing RulesARCHITECTS GET $180,747; Estate of Institute Leader, D.E. Waid, Is AppraisedMISS HARTFORD FIANCEE; Kent Place Graduate Will Be Wed to H. F. Condon Jr.Son to J. Dudley Clarks Jr.Larson — SavaleSon to Percival R. KnauthsMISS ADA BANTA TO WED; Vassar Alumna Will Become the Bride of Robert McClellanSocial Activities in New York and ElsewhereOcean Travelers500 AT FLOWER SHOW HELD IN BAR HARBOR; Mrs. Edsel Ford, Mrs. Shepard Fabbri Among Prize WinnersCHINA WILL GAIN BY GARDEN PARTY; Country Home of Mrs. Samuel Sloan at Garrison Will Be Scene of Relief …Miss Madeleine Louise Tuohy Is Married To Howard A. Plummer in Ceremony HereAir-Raid Classes for WomenWEDDING UP-STATE FOR MISS JOHNSON; Norwich Girl Becomes Bride of Dr. F. Maurice Breed in Emmanuel ChurchNICHOLAS BUYERS LONG ISLAM) HOSTS; They Entertain at Luncheon at Home in SouthamptonuMrs. John Crerar …GOWNS ARE SHOWN BY ‘ERSATZ’ MODELS; Cora Scovil Holds Showing of Her Plaster and Plastic Manikin Creations …MISS ALIDA E. HALLER ENGAGED TO MARRY; Hood College Alumna Fiancee of Herbert Earle Brown Jr.MISS SCHOONMAKER WED; She Becomes Bride of Herbert W. Casque in Christ ChurchMERCEDESD.DALY BRIDE IN GARDEN; She Is Married to Edward C. Riggs 2d in Ceremony at Blairstown, N. J.MISS CHACE MARRIED TO W. 0. HICKOK 4TH; Attended by Sister at Nuptials in Middletown, N. Y., ChurchPatriotic Blondes Rebuffed AgainMISS SULZBERGER BECOMES A BRIDE; Married on Lawn of Parents’ Home in White Plains to Orvil E. Dryfoos …A Crumb Cake That Almost Makes Itself — and for Hot Days, Festive Juice DrinksMrs. Russell Thaw Wins DivorceCLUBWOMEN URGE EQUAL RIGHTS LAW; Group at Los Angeles Backs Move to Get Amendment to Floor of Congress …NEW CURBS PLANNED FOR KERN INQUIRY; Committee, Scoring His Actions, Weighs Private HearingsMRS. KING TO LEAD DEFENSE WORKERS; Ex-Representative at Large Heads American Women’s Voluntary Services …WHEAT REVOLT SPREADING; Oklahoma Farmers Join Groups Opposing 49-Cent PenaltyGREETS STUDENT LEADERS; Roosevelt Telegraphs Message to Institute at CampobelloKelly on State Mediation BoardSUNDAY WORKERS FREED; Four Men Who Rushed Termite Traps for Army Win LeniencySHIPPING MEN FORM A NEW LEGION POST; Employes of All American Concerns Now Are EligibleOPM DIVISION HERE OPENS PLANT STUDIES; Surveys Labor Needs of Large Aircraft FactoryShipyards to Work 6-Day WeekSAYS ‘REDS’ REMAIN FOES OF DEMOCRACY; Representative Thomas, Ill, Has Speech Put in RecordALUMINUM FOR RELIEF; Newark Man Who Got Aid Gives Pots From His Former CafeBail Upheld in Racket CasesJOBLESS CUT TO 3,962,000; May Total Lowest Since 1930, Industrial Board SaysSAYS ST. LAWRENCE CAN CUT POWER COST; Gen. Robins of Army Engineers Backs Project at HearingSTRIKE HALTS TOOL WORK; C.I.O. Men Ask Recognition at Heller Plant in Ohio1,249 OUTSIDE CITY IN NEW DRAFT CALL; State Director Assigns Quotas for the 16th Induction Beginning …NEW DEFENSE PLANT FOR SPERRY STARTED; Factory on Long Island Will Give Employment to 7,000Independent Union Again Recognized by WeirtonBoeing Division Raises PayBARRACKS STRIKE ENDED; Jefferson, Mo., Local to Await Inquiry on WPAMarines Enter Plant Shut in Labor Dispute And Move Out Materials Needed by NavyINSURANCE SOUGHT BY HILLMAN UNION; Amalgamated Drafts Plan to Extend Life and Health Protection to Whole TradeSenator Bulow in HospitalBUS MEN GET PAY RISE; Arbitrator in Bee Line-T.W.U. Dispute Grants Closed ShopDr. Wilson Named to Head New Nutrition BureauMARITIME UNION BACKS LEWIS STAND; Convention Action Charges ‘Reactionary Labor Leaders Are Selling Out …GOVERNMENT ENDS TIE-UP OF 4 VESSELS; Union Orders Release After U.S. Threat to Sail Them Under Maritime …ARMY CALLS OFFICERS OF AIR CORPS RESERVE; Go on Active Duty by Aug. 1 — Defense Jobs ExceptedTHE DAY IN WASHINGTON50,000TH TRAINEE LEAVES; Richard Davy, Ex-Star Scout, Off for Camp UptonFORT DIX MAKING ‘ERSATZ’ WEAPONS; Dummy Anti-Tank Guns Being Constructed for Use of Units in Virginia …EXPECT PRESIDENT TO ASK 5 BILLIONS; Congress Sources Say He Will Seek Fund to Increase Army to 1,750,000 …CALLS ARMY BEHIND TIMES; Princeton Professor Says Military Ideas Are Pre-VerdunDEFENSE MAPPED OUT FOR HAWAII CIVILIANS; Protection From Siege or Air Attack Planned at CapitalWiedemann Sailing for JapanAUSTRALIAN WAR AID TO ENGLAND PRAISED; Purchasing Agent, Leaving on Clipper, Tells of Big OutputICKES DENIES HE PUT DRAG ON ALUMINUM; He Says Power Barred to ‘Monopoly’ Went to Reynolds$19,000,000 TO PACKARD; Navy Orders 900 More Engines for Torpedo Motor BoatsGERMANS IN COLOMBIA UP; Census Shows an Increase of 2,663 Since 193521 on Zamzam ShiftedCourt Upholds Missouri Exclusion of Negro From University on Ground of SegregationMEDICAL SUPPLIES SOUGHT; Drive to Aid Free French Forces in Africa Is LaunchedREFRIGERATOR MEN MEET ON PRIORITIES; Report to Defense Officials on Flow of Materials and the Effect …COFFEE EXPORTS AT PEAK; Colombia Sent Over 14,000,000 Sacks to U.S. Last YearLouis to Fight Divorce SuitWAR SENTIMENT IN U.S. DECREASES; 79% of Those Sounded Out in Gallup Survey Oppose Our Entrance NowPLANS TO AID RUSSIA SPED; Welles Says They Stress Orders and Not Lease-Lend HelpNavy Instructions Held Most Significant — Implications of a ‘Shooting War’ SeenSUPER PRIORITIES SET UP FOR TOOLS; Stettinius Announces Plan to Assure Deliveries Where They Are Most …ASKS INQUIRY ON WHEELER; Bishop Hobson Scores Disclosure of Iceland Move43,005 IN CITY SIGN FOR AIR-RAID POSTS; 250 Zone Wardens and High Police Officers Receive First-Aid …ARGENTINA PLANNING DEFENSE CONFERENCE; Staff Talks Will Be Held With Officers of Other NationsALIENS FACE VISA PROBLEM; Embassies Abroad Cannot Act for Closed ConsulatesSIX BILLION SPENT IN YEAR OF ARMING; Of the $47,000,000,000 Defense Fund Voted, Only About $21,000,000,000 …Airman’s Widow to Drive TruckDr. Burns Gets Price PostHome-Made Boat Costs Boy’s LifeGibraltar Bomber Sinks U-Boat Near 2 ConvoysSees « Stride Toward War »SWEDES HAIL ACTION BY U.S. IN ICELAND; Seek Answer to Question as to Whether It Is Just a WarningURGED FOR SAINTHOOD; Mother Seton, Founder of Sisters of Charity in U.S., ConsideredTo Map Drive for AluminumFrance Releases 10,003 RussiansAir Gun for British ReadyU.S. NEARING WAR, JAPANESE BELIEVE; Iceland Step Is Expected to Be Followed by Seizure of Dakar and AzoresSAYS WHEELER PUT TROOPS IN DANGER; Early, President’s Aide, Quotes British View of Statement We Intended …More Japanese to Quit SovietChinese Help Relief FundTroops in Iceland Before News Is Out; Populace Calm When Told of LandingNAZIS SEE U.S. MOVE AS A STAB IN BACK; Foreign Office Organ Deplores Action on Iceland — Grave Possibilities …Grave Possibilities SeenItaly Calls It « Intervention »OUR ARMS AMAZE BRITISH IN ICELAND; ‘ Tommies’ and Islanders Look On as Americans Sail In and Efficiently …Iceland to Welcome U.S. Forces As Vigilant Visitors, Consul Says; Official Here Expresses Faith in Pledge …Gayda Warns on Further StepCUBANS APPLAUD U.S.; Press Unanimous in Approving Iceland Step as DefensiveNorway’s View on Iceland As Explained by BerlinArticle 4 — No TitleBolt Kills Man on HoneymoonRAIDS STIFF ON BOTH SIDES; Berlin Acknowledges Damage Is Heavy in Muenster and CologneNazi Fliers Active in NorthRailway Reported DestroyedU.S.-SPANISH ACCORD ON CREDITS PREDICTED; Madrid Suppresses News of Our Action in IcelandNEW BRITISH UNITS TO SPEED OUTPUT; Central and Regional Boards Bring Labor and Employers Into Unified …Warship Hit ReportedItalians Attack NicosiaHARBORS IN LIBYA BOMBED BY R.A.F.; Tripoli and Bengazi Raided — Axis Planes Attack Cyprus, Malta and …Helsinki Has Five AlarmsEcuador Marks TimeArgentine Official ActiveChile Plans Separate EffortMurmansk Drive DevelopsU.S. MOVES TO AID ECUADOR AND PERU; Welles Consults Argentine and Brazilian Envoys on Means to Settle …SOVIET RESISTANCE STRESSED BY FINNS; Stiff Clashes Reported in Arctic Forest — Russians Admit Murmansk …Peru Denies Responsibility12 German-Swiss Subjects Slain in Panama In Gun Fight With Police Over RegistrationEcuadorian CommuniqueFRENCH RIVIERA BARS ITS BRITISH RESIDENTS; Many of 2,000 There Own Homes Along the CoastTEXT OF LITVINOFF SPEECHU.S. Jails Hitler Foe as AlienNEW FRENCH STATE TO CURB SUFFRAGE; Petain Tells Drafters of Code That Only the Elite Will Have the Right …SOCIALIST RIGHT WING WARNS U.S. ON REDS; But Hopes for Soviet War Gains — Backs Iceland MoveRUSSIANS IN LONDON HAILED BY CROWDS; Military Mission Cheered on Arrival at Station — Soviet-Polish …BRITISH ENVOY’S HOME BOMBED AT CHUNGKING; 2,000 Chinese Made Homeless by Japanese Air RaidWest Finland Has EarthquakeBATISTA CALLS CONGRESS; Cuban President Will Ask for New Taxes at Session MondayUNREST IN HUNGARY LAID TO SOVIET WAR; Increasing Sabotage Marks Unpopularity of Campaign — No Anti-Red …Look for Surprise MoveReports Railroad WreckedMuch Mail Lost on MaasdamFINNS KEEN TO RETAIN AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP; Editor Doubts U.S. Opinion Backs Promised Aid to RussiaSoviet Hails More as War HeroesArticle 3 — No TitleCar Denied to Bermuda OfficialNAZIS SAY BRITISH MASS BEFORE IRAN; Possibility of German Attempt to Divert Forces of Foes Is Seen in …Hungary Claims GainsNazis Ridicule Dummy Tank TaleU.S. FLIER IS KILLED WITH R.A.F. IN IRAQ; Lieut. Comdr. Grove Had Been Missing Since June 13GermanRussianCHILE, JAPAN NEAR DEAL; Agreement on Payments Due Soon — Tokyo Buys MetalsFOUR SWEDISH SHIPS ARE REPORTED SUNK; Vessels Lost by Neutral Now Said to Number 102Moscow Transmits First Radiophotos to U.S.; 3 War Pictures Received in About an HourTanks Reported StoppedNAZIS HALTED, VICHY HEARS; Said to Have Been Stalled Four Days With Heavy LossesNazis Ban Women’s SlacksItalianResistance Is VigorousSues Puerto Rico Land ConcernLuftwaffe Bombs HaifaGains Made by BritishBritishOffer Reported RejectedArticle 2 — No TitleDENTZ HELD READY TO YIELD IN SYRIA; Report to Australian Minister Says French Are Willing to Discuss …Vichy Disclaims TalksGUARD TO GET MUNITIONS; New Zealanders’ Training to Be Speeded, Says Acting PremierARMY IS SET TO FLY AIR LINE TO BRITAIN TO CARRY OFFICIALS; Passenger Transport Service on Regular Schedule …Knudsen Says Defense Is Near Halfway MarkROCKEFELLER GIVES HIS FAMILY’S CREED; In USO Appeal He Lists 10 Principles That Guide Him as They Did …FrenchHEMISPHERE NO BAR; Points Outside Are Vital to Guard New World, President Holds ICELAND AS RELAY FOR …LITVINOFF EXHORTS BRITAIN TO INVADE; Former Commissar in a Radio Plea From Moscow Advises Quick Drive …Article 1 — No TitleBERLIN NEWS SCANT; No Further Claims Made About Piercing Russian Line — Staff Reticent FOE’S TOUGHNESS …R.A.F. Blasts Reich Cities In Vast 24-Hour Offensive; R.A.F. POUNDS REICH STEADILY 24 HOURSFinnishFront Page 1 — No TitleNAZIS IN ‘DISORDER’; Leave Arms in Retreat Across Pruth River, Russians State OSTROV BATTLE GOES ON …MAY BILL UP TODAY; Executive Said to Have Told House Leaders He Would Bar Troops’ Use HE CONFERS WITH …HARTFORD ELECTRIC FILES ON DEBENTURES; Utility Plans an Emission of $4,200,000 of 3 1/4sCatholic Women Meet TodayArmy Orders and AssignmentsFire DepartmentTo Resume Utility Inquiry2 MORE SHIPS DUE FOR CARGO FLEET; Number of Vessels Delivered Under 500 Program Now Reaching Ninety-fiveNational Guard OrdersGOBEL PROFIT REPORTED; J.G. Bates, Chairman, Tells of Operations Since Nov. 1, 1940JERSEY CITY SUITES IN NEW OWNERSHIP; Chase Bank, Trustee for Estate of W.P. Aldrich, Disposes of Newkirk …BIG BROOKLYN HOUSE AMONG NEW PROJECTS; Apartment Costing $360,000 to Go Up on Corbin PlaceBRITISH CONSENT TO DANISH SHIP USE; Agree to Transfer of Seven Seized Vessels to American Neutral Line …House in Hewlett, L.I., BoughtTENANT BUYS ESTATE; ‘ Tall Trees,’ in Old Brookville, Goes to R.I.N. WeingartDUPLEX OF 12 ROOMS TAKEN ON E. 61ST ST.; Marshall Mundheim Leases Big Suite in No. 155ROCK SLIDE CRUSHES COAL MINERS’ HOMES; Rains Cause 1,000-Foot Slip of Tons of Virginia MountainPLANS REORGANIZATION; Fidelity Assurance Association to Get Hearing on Aug. 5THREE DWELLINGS SOLD; English-Type Homes Lead in Westchester DealsFINANCIAL NOTESPUTNAM TRADING ACTIVE; Broker There Reports Several Sales of Farms and AcreageDEVOE & RAYNOLDS REPORTS A PROFIT; $310,768 Net Was Made in the 6 Months to May 31, Against Loss Last YearREDUCES SHARE OFFERING; Northern Natural Gas Company Files Change With SECUtility Files for StockEGGS AT SEASONAL TOPS; Heavy Government Buying Puts Quotations UpSTORE SHIFTS AVENUES; Peggy Roth Moving From Madi- son to Park — Other RentalsLOCALLY DRESSED MEATSLARGE LOFT PARCEL SOLD NEAR VILLAGE; 10-Story Building on Waverly Place Corner Is Bought by David S. Meister$600,000 Loan MadeCOTTON ADVANCES IN ACTIVE SESSION; Initial Strength Holds, With Closing Quotations Up 30 to 34 PointsGENERAL MOTORS ELECTS; Two Vice Presidents Are Chosen by the CorporationBelgians Make Flour From GrassLIVESTOCK IN CHICAGOSteel Output Cut to 93 Per Cent by Holiday, But Rebound to 100 Per Cent Is ExpectedNAVAL STORESBANK STATEMENTSCIRCULATION RISES AT THE REICHSBANK; End-of-June Report Indicates 858,704,000-Mark Gain to 15,565,047,000 …Article 14 — No TitleFINDS FOR STOCKHOLDERS; Court Sustains $10,453 Recovery Suit in Pipe-Line CaseNEWS OF MARKETS IN EUROPEAN CITIES; The British Funds Make Sharp Gains in London to Re- flect Russian …RESERVE BALANCES RISE IN THE WEEK; Increase Is $75,000,000 for Period Ended July 2, Report of Member …Small Losses in BerlinINVESTMENT TRUSTMontgomery WardWill Mark 85th BirthdayGETS AUTHORITY FOR LOAN; Seaboard Railway Plans to Spend $3,800,000 on EquipmentBOND NOTESSTOCK EXCHANGE NOTESTO H0N0R B.L. WINCHELL, 84; Dictaphone Chairman and Others to Give Luncheon for DirectorDecline in Cotton-Seat PricesBANK DEBITS INCREASE IN RESERVE DISTRICTS; Total Is $132,153,000,000 for Quarter Ended July 2$30,094,000 LOANS ASKED FOR HOUSING; Eleven Local Authorities Will Be in Market This Month, 10 of Them …Shanghai Yuan Off Again; Canadian Dollar DeclinesPLACES BILLS AT 0.097%; Treasury Sells $100,048,000 of Its ’91-Day PaperGENERAL ELECTRIC SETS ORDER RECORD; Aggregate for Six Months Is Put at $521,139,000, Rise of 145 Per CentSOO LOCKS TRAFFIC RISES; Lead of 10,000,000 Tons Over Last Year FoundHOLIDAYS SET BACK STEEL OPERATIONS; Mills Scheduled to Work at 96.8% of Capacity This Week, a Gain of 3.3%FARMER LOANS RISE TO LIFT PRODUCTION; Short-Term Credits to June 30 Are 19% Over Period in ’40DATA ON TRADING RELEASED BY SEC; Exchange Members Accounted for 15.97% of Volume in Week Ended June 21Generator Sales Up 68% In May, a Record GainOGSBURY TO HEAD POSTAL METER CO.; National Also Elects Former Vice President of I.B.M. to Its BoardPRICES OF STOCKS BEST IN 5 MONTHS; Fourth Heaviest Demand This Year on Exchange Here Brings Gains of …BUSINESS FAILURES OFF; Latest Level 216, Against 229 Week Before, 259 Year AgoWHEAT MARKET UP IN WIDE MOVEMENT; Prices Cover More Gound in Day’s Trading Than in All Last Week GAINS …LIFE INSURANCE GAINS IN BRITAIN; 1940 a Year of General Expan- sion Despite War — Payments on Policies …F.M. Kasch Quits Jewel TeaMUNICIPAL BONDS SEEN HOLDING PRICE; Market Review Says the High Level of Quality Issues Is Likely to PrevailState Bankers Association Names Heads Of Nine Important Committees for 1941-42TOPICS IN WALL STREETDEFENDS DEMONSTRATORS; Arden Co. Says Only Some Stores Could Justify Their UseNEW ORDERS SMALL AT JULY RUG SHOWS; Many Buyers Had Already Covered and Now Check Their DeliveriesFEDERAL MEN SCAN FURNITURE MARKET; 5 FTC and 2 OPACS Officials Watch Prices at Chicago’s Midsummer ShowsTO HEAD ARMY STORES; W.I. Levy Is Named to Direct $150,000,000 ServiceRoto Linage Down 21.6%ARMY’S CONTRACTS IN DAY $14,977,377; Many Awards to Concerns in This Area Are Listed by War DepartmentAdvertising News and NotesBUSINESS NOTESStore Sales 29% Higher On ‘Extra’ Selling DayBusiness WorldNorthern All-Stars WinAll-Out’ Proves Sales GetterWar Relic Beats Pet 3 Lengths In Mile Race at Suffolk Downs; Lady Waterloo Shows Way to Tex Hygro in …Archibald to Box July 17CHALLEDON IS OUT OF GOLD CUP EVENT; Brann Star Not Yet in Shape — Top Weight to MiolandManero Wins $1,000 Golf TitleDELIVERIES A SPUR TO APPAREL BUYING; ‘ Normal’ Fall Openings Draw Heavy Orders, With Style a Secondary …Fur Sales Rose 10.4% in May130-POUND IMPOST ASSIGNED TO FENELON; Belair Ace to Carry Top Weight in Massachusetts HandicapTanker W.C. Yeager Is LaunchedAQUEDUCT BETTING GAINED; State’s ‘Take’ Was $837,089, an Increase of 24 Per CentDAWN ATTACK WINS CHARENTUS PURSE; Three-Year-Old Tops Sheriff Culkin, Favorite, by Half Length After RunawayNewark Bouts Halted AgainGahagan Stricken at ToledoColiseum Boxing Put OffDOGPATCH IS FIRST IN NORWOOD PURSE; Brother of Bull Lea Runs to Impressive Victory at Arlington ParkFOOTBALL TRAINING SET; Yankee Squad to Prepare at the Pegasus Club in JerseyCHAUVENET TAKES TITLE; Tops Field in Southern Chess Tourney at AtlantaNEW GUARDS FOR BEARS; Lahar and Hoptowit Added to Chicago Football RosterUncle Jock First at DetroitAlbany Gets Pirate HurlerLevin Halts Pinkus in 34 Moves At Ventnor City Chess Tourney; Loser Retains First Place and Reinfeld …M’NEILL AND RIGGS EVEN; Rain Stops Southern Tennis Final in Fifth SetBuffalo Golf Tourney OffWOOD, FIELD AND STREAMATHLETICS ON TOP, 11-1; Dean Misses No-Hitter Against Harrisburg in NinthCONNS STAY ON IN JERSEY; Still Waiting for Blessing of Father of BrideSPRING LAKE PLAY WILL START TODAY; Parker and Sabin Head Draw — Former Has Won Tourney There Seven TimesRain Halts Yanks at TorontoColan Knocks Out TrotterARMY CALLS PENN STAR; Allen Ordered to Report July 21 — Whizzer White RejectedFIVE IN U.S. PRO GOLF CLIP DENVER’S PAR; Harrison and Bassler Share Top Place in First Half of Qualifying PlayDYKES LEAVES FOR CLINIC; Suspended Pilot of White Sox to Get Physical Check-UpSimon Bout Off to July 21RYAN AND CATROPA LEADERS WITH 67; Files and Schumacher Stroke Back in Tourney Over the Wheatley Hills CourseO’CONNOR, RIZZOLO TOP JERSEY FIELD; Register Nines of 34 and 33 for a 67 on the Jumping Brook C.C. LinksCORNELL TEAM WINS IN COLLEGE TENNIS; Cifford and Randall Stop Ham and Bellows, Princeton, in Indoor MatchArticle 13 — No TitleGiovanni Makes Hole-in-One1940 TITLE HOLDER LOSES 6-1, 6-1 MATCH; Mrs. Cooke Exploits Trap Shot to Beat Miss Wolfenden in Jackson …Whyte and Clavan Take Laurels On Card of 66 at Ardsley Club; Set Pace on Home Links With 5-Under-Par …57, TO SEE WYATT START WITH FELLER; American Leaguers Marshal Heaviest Hitters, Headed by Williams, DiMaggioPIFERRY PACES CADDIES; Swiatek Leads Caddie Masters in Qualifying EventFORT DIX AWAITS PHILS; 44th Division Team Will Oppose Big Leaguers TomorrowMAURIELLO CHOICE IN FIGHT TONIGHT; To Meet Mamakos in Feature of Meehan’s First Ring Show at Ebbets FieldSOLOMON RECEIVES 4 YEARS’ SENTENCE; Tammany Leader Is Penalized for Taking $28,000 Bribes From Printing …Article 12 — No TitleA Diamond Set With StarsGreenberg Presentation BarredAMERICAN LEAGUE LIFTS TRADING BAN; Straight Deals by Pennant Team to Be Allowed Again After This SeasonHOLIDAY ACCIDENTS CLAIMED 628 LIVES; National Survey Shows 384 Killed by Autos, but Tollls Less Than …Bureau to Scan 50 ‘Welfare’ Organizations Making Collections From PedestriansWHITNEY UP FOR PAROLE; Former Stock Exchange Head to Be Heard at Sing Sing TodaySets ‘Aid British Labor Week’WINS SOARING WINGS AT 15; Detroit Youth Rises 1,200 Feet at Elmira — Decker in ArmyAL DAVIS IN HOSPITAL; Pugilist, Defeated by Zivic, Goes to Kings CountyWARNED MAXWELL KILLER; Morgano, in Court, Says He Told Mardavich to ‘Hit Him on Head’CITY MILK SUPPLY REPORTED GAINING; Daily Drop in Shipments Since Strike Began Is Checked by Governor’s …IMMIGRATION DROP IN VIEW; Closing of Consulates Abroad Is Called a FactorAnti-Smoke Law for PittsburghLillian Roth Marriage AnnulledSEES WOMEN CAB DRIVERS; Taxi Official Says Some May Replace Men DraftedCity Hall Style Show Introduces New Label for New York Creations; Right Earned, Says Mayor, Praising …Fiell Is Confirmed for PostWESTCHESTER ACTS TO REDUCE BOARD; Supervisors Propose to Cut Ruling Body From 43 to 11 if Voters ApproveNAVY PLANE VANISHES OFF NORTHEAST COAST; Air and Surface Hunt Made for Seven in Patrol CraftMRS. ROOSEVELT GETS BRITISH-MADE DRESS; Gown Was Designed by Member of Fashion Export GroupSISTER SHIP OF 0-9 SHOWS ITS SAFETY; Reporter, After Dive, Hails the Worth of Old Submarines Serving …$200,000 FRAUD LAID TO FLORIDA GROUP; U.S. Charges That Victims Paid $150 for Land Worth $2BRAUNLICH NAMED AS A CAMPUS RED; 3 City College Staff Members Identify Suspended Tutor at Departmental TrialDANIEL PBIGNANOKIRBY TO SUCCEED LAWES AS WARDEN; Principal Keeper at the Attica Prison Is Sworn In as the Head of Sing SingObituary 1 — No TitleFULL PRIORITY CURB PUT ON CHROMIUM; OPM Moves to Build Up the Government Stockpile and Meet Shipping PinchCity Occupancy Tax Due July 15, Portfolio WarnsSEN. RAFAEL MDAL OF PUERTO RICO, 63; President of Island’s Senate From 1932 to 1940 Dies After Long IllnessWarden Gets 150 MessagesURGED TO MAKE WILLS; Many Pennsylvania Registers Admit They Have Not Done SoJOHN J. KELLYGEORGE O. KRIETE SB.NORMAN C.WILLETT, INSURANCE BROKER; He Also Had Engaged in Real Estate Here u Stricken on Vacation in …Marriage Announcement 1 — No TitleWILLIAM C. DEVEREAUX; Cincinnati Meteorologist, 67, Was . Noted as Flood ForecasterChurchill’s Sister-in-Law DiesHarris Memorial Rites FridayGIUSEPPI BOGHETTI; He Taught Singing to Marian Anderson and Helen TraubelHENRY J. SCHNITZER; Broker in Foreign Exchange, 69, Was Former Private BankerJOSEPH J. ANTHONYGEORGE B. WING; Official of Dexter Folder Co. Here Dies in East OrangeBirth Notice 1 — No TitleW. G. L. TAYLOR; Educator and Author, Graduate of Harvard, Dies in San DiegoMISS ROSE YOUNG, AUTHOR, EX-EDITOR; Retired Magazine Writer, Who Long Was Active in Suffrage .Movement, …Death Separates Twins, 87ERNEST W. FISCHER; Ex-Head of the Newark Retail Grocers Association DiesCOL.H.CHAMBERLIN, A FOE OF GRIME, 74; Operating Director of Chicago Commission Led the Attack on ‘Public …FREDERICK H. COLLIER; Wrote ‘Echoes of Streets’Column in Globe-Democrat 40 Years ;;;1,000 AT THE RITES FOR SOL ULLIAN; Large Crowd Stands in Rain While Service Is Held for Former AssemblymanJohn Gilbert of Baseball DiesWILLIAM A. GARDNERMRS. CHARLES D. MENEEL.YHome Choice FavoredPETER J. DREXELIUSFull County Reform UrgedC. L CAMICOEAL; WAS JERSEY JUDGE; Retired Lawyer, First District Jurist, 1904-1929, in Jersey . City, …Presided at Investigationsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I MRS. VICTOR C. GREA
ESREV. JAMES F. MEALIA; Founder of St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church in BrooklynBIBS. GEORGE IVESTRAFFIC DEATHS FEWER; But Accidents and Injuries for Week in City IncreaseROBERT L. COT.TCSSUNSPOTS AND RADIOFederal Lottery Advocated; Senator Phelps Would Capitalize What He Deems National PropensityPSYCHOLOGY IN WARAir-Raid Drill Held Unwise; Example of Brooklyn School Practice Regarded as IneffectiveTopics of The TimesIceland Long Ago Put Into the Security ZoneTHE MILK STRIKEOn the Exercise of HumanityTHE REDISCOVERY OF FEETArmy Morale PraisedCONNECTICUT TRAINS 345 IN AIR-RAID DUTY; Citizens at Yale for Four Days of Instruction as WardensPRISON STRIKE IS ENDED; Leavenworth Ringleaders Are on Way to AlcatrazDEFENSE PLANS SET IN QUEENS PRECINCT; Astoria Organization Ready — 39,331 Wardens EnrolledFalls Ten Stories but LivesPOLICY AND ACTIONBooks of the TimesURGES DECISION ON ENTRY; General Wood Says We Should Join England or Stay OutEDITED BY HITLERDEFENSE OF THE ATLANTIC4 GOVERNORS PLEDGE CIVILIAN DEFENSE AID; Promise ‘All-Out’ Effort After Conference With MayorAIR COMMUTER KILLED WITH TWO IN CRASH; Harry Lesnow, Aunt and Em- ploye Die in ConnecticutCONNECTICUTByrnes Will Be Sworn TodayMANOEUVRE TROOPS BIVOUAC IN PARK; Fort Hamilton Squad Ends Hike in Westchester RainLAKE GEORGETHE BERKSHIRE HILLSDEFENSE SERVICE BY CABLES SHAPED; DCB Provides Against Any Cutting of Lines or Jamming of Radio CommunicationsNEW JERSEYBooks — AuthorsREFUGEE HELD IN FRAUD; Man Who Says He Is Son of Oscar Straus Pleads Not GuiltyACADEMIC FREEDOM HELD NO ORNAMENT; It Is ‘Part of the Functioning’ Apparatus of Democracy, Educators DeclareFRANCESCA VILLA’S PLANS; She Sets Aug. 16 as Date for Marriage to Hugo RutherfurdNEWPORTERS HEAR POETRY OF WARS; Entertainment at the Art Association Suggested by Maud Howe ElliottDaughter to Gordon TaylorsW.C. OSBORN HEAD OF ART MUSEUM; Metropolitan Trustees Elect Him President to Succeed Late George Blumenthal …BERMUDA TO CURTAIL STUDY OF OCEAN LIFE; U.S. Army Leases Premises of Oceanographic InstituteSAYS SWISS WILL USE PAPER BRICKS AS FUEL; U.S. Student, Here on Spanish Ship, Reports Coal ShortageTime Change Upsets NashvillePatrolmen to Install OfficersNEW YORKTO BE BRIDE SEPT. 3TROTH ANNOUNCED OF MISS MITCHELL; i Skidmore Graduate to Be the Bride of J. A. Ellicott of Glen Ridge, N. J.BECOMES JJOLDIER’S BRIDE; Dorothy Serviss of New York Wed to Corporal Foster of 207thDORIS MASSCE ENGAGED; Woodmere Academy Alumna to Be Bride of Jules D. MichaelsDance in Westerly to Aid R.A.F.BAR HARBOR HOLDS FLOWER SHOW TODAY; Mrs. Edward Browning in Charge — Party at Mrs. Adamowski’sMRS. DELOS WALKER ENTERTAINS AT TEA; Party Given at Her Summer Home in East Hampton — Visitors at ResortTHE HUNT SISTERS ENGAGED TO MARRY; Miss Ellen to Be Bride of John B. Sears and Miss Harriet to Be Wed …McKeeuScottJOAN ACHELIS WED TO JAMES G, BLACK; Daughter of Mrs. C. H. Semler Is Married in the Chapel of St. James …Copyright The New York Times CompanyPrivacy PolicySearchContact Us
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